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BEAM makes distance and e-learning an enriching experience for students and parents

BEAM makes distance and e-learning an enriching experience for students and parents

Bukhatir Educational Advancement and Management International, a Sharjah-based, multinational cultural establishment, has published its distance and e-learning efforts in line with heightened demand for remote learning in the build-up to the new academic year. As part of its responsibility to produce powerful and decisive educational activities, BEAM has created its distance-learning curricular and e-learning programs to offer premier training to the schools it works and manages across the UAE.

The distance-learning programmes at BEAM will be delivered through teaching and learning methods by highly qualified academic teams using world-class technology infrastructure. Mrs Sara Hollis, principal of American School of Creative Science Nad Al Sheba said, “At BEAM, we prioritize quality education. We understand that some of our students will follow a distance learning schedule, while others might attend in-person classes. 

It is for this reason that we secured a seamless and streamlined method for both, and we have designed and followed a careful plan in promoting a safe atmosphere for our students on campus. Each bubble in KG 1 and KG 2 classes will have 10 students, while the amount in the other grades varies per class depending on class size. As for our online students, parents are advised to follow the timetables to help students build a routine to create a learning atmosphere that best suits and encourages the students.”

It is notable that BEAM already completed a distance-learning approach last semester, which led to real results and feedback from students and their parents. BEAM’s e-learning model allows for a continuation of face-to-face contact to facilitate the relationship amongst teachers and students, who will also be getting focused support to ensure the continuity of their high-quality education. BEAM students will avail from innovative, student-centred classes to meet their individual needs and will gain access to an array of knowledge and support from trained teachers to as closely emulate the class environment at home.