Bahri launches ‘iSupplier’ platform to streamline procurement

Further solidification its obligation to enhancing the quality of its services and deepening business relationship with key partners, Bahri, a global leader in logistics and transportation, has publicized the launch of its ‘iSupplier’ portal. The online platform will serve as a dedicated communication channel between Bahri’s Corporate Procurement and suppliers and contractors.

A fast and easy platform, ‘iSupplier’ will enable Bahri to have easy access to a larger segment of suppliers and contractors in Saudi Arabia’s private sector. Companies in the Kingdom can easily register themselves as a Bahri-certified and approved supplier or contractor through the platform. Upon registration, they may be contacted based on business needs and requirements at Bahri and will be able to suitably access information connected to invoices and orders, financial transactions, performance evaluation, and data management.

Mentioning on this announcement, Hisham Alkhaldi, Chief Support Officer, Bahri, said: “The launch of ‘iSupplier’ represents our continuous commitment to service excellence, and we are confident that this platform will play a vital role in building and managing a strong supplier base. We would like to invite all our partners to take advantage of ‘iSupplier’ to benefit all players in the supply chain.”

In addition to helping Bahri build, segment, and rationalize its supplier base, ‘iSupplier’ will come in handy for the company in reducing the time and effort taken for new supplier registration, maintaining supplier records, and managing order changes. It will also help improve inventory availability, streamline payments with online invoicing, and better manage contracts.

For more information or to register your company on ‘iSupplier,’ please visit




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