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Azur Drones Unveils Skeyetech Drone-In-A-Box Solution for Surveillance in the Middle East

Azur Drones, Europe’s leader in independent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), has launched its drone-in-a-box surveillance solution, Skeyetech, at Intersec. This step is predicted to increase the security monitoring for high-risk private and public sites in the Middle East.

Skeyetech is a ready-to-fly surveillance system, which has been designed to monitor and affirm events, conduct perimeter patrols and grant support operation to ground security personnel. This new independent security system, which is already deployed in France, can be used directly by safety agents as it wants no remote pilot competencies or certification.

“We are delighted to be introducing our latest independent UAV in the Middle East, and more precisely in Dubai. This launch coincides with the city’s journey towards transforming Dubai into a smart city.
Skeyetech is, therefore, the ideal fit for such a status. Our drone will grant the much-needed safety solution that will make sure properties such as oil and gas amenities or ports are protected from any rising threats,” stated Jean-Marc Crépin, CEO of Azur Drones.
Based in Bordeaux, France and backed with $25 million raised, Azur Drones obtained the first and only approval for autonomous drone flights from the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC). This approval proves the high levels of safety, reliability and quality of Skeyetech system, which was entirely developed by Azur Drones’ expert engineering team.

Industry growth prospects

Azur Drones’ entry into the Middle East market is well timed and also predicted to reignite the industry’s growth, which in accordance to research by 6w Research will be worth US$8.4 billion by 2025.
The research additionally shows that the predicted growth is being driven by increasing infrastructure development and stringent regulatory policies. This, in turn, has fueled demand for super-smart high-tech surveillance solutions, such as next-generation drones.

“Skeyetech’s launch into the Middle East is certainly a growth-driver for the industry. Our independent drone-in-a-box solution provides everything that is wanted to not only develop this dynamic market however to additionally provide cost-effective, trendy safety solutions to modern security challenges. We have developed a rugged version of Skeyetech for the Middle East to stand up to high temperatures and sandy weather. This indicates that we have taken the region’s terrain and weather conditions into consideration,” mentioned Nicolas Billecocq, COO of Azur Drones.

As part of the Middle East market penetration strategy, Azur Drones, which has hopes of turning into a leader in drone-in-a-box surveillance solution in the region, additionally plans to support its presence in the region.

Skeyetech features

Skeyetech droneis deployed autonomously from its docking station and is weatherproof. Its users can effortlessly launch scheduled and on-demand missions. Thanks to its integration with fundamental Video Management Systems (Genetec, Milestone), Skeyetech can be easily and effectively brought to present security systems.
Skeyetech drone, which can attain a speed of 50 km/h in just a few seconds, is outfitted with top notch EO/IR sensors, enabling the operator to see better and similarly in both day and night time operations. It can also safely examine the situation in potentially hazardous zones such as fires and intrusions without jeopardizing the operator’s safety. Skeyetech made-in-France patented technology is now available in the GCC.




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