Azizi Developments launches new stakeholder engagement strategy

Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, has announced the launch of its new stakeholder engagement and business success strategy, with detailed plans to better serve its five major stakeholder groups, (1) Its investors and end-users, (2) its colleagues, (3) its intermediaries, (4) the governing bodies and authorities, and (5) its suppliers and contractors, in line with its overarching mission to become more stakeholder centric and secure a more streamlined, transparent, and facilitated growth trajectory.

The advanced strategy involves new approaches to communications, the implementation of new tools, restructuring efforts, key new hires, more comprehensive training of all departments, improved internal communications with better knowledge transfer, and technological overhauls as part of its digital transformation, among other ground-breaking enhancements and impactful initiatives. The new strategy places a strong emphasis on the importance of its five core stakeholder groups, and the synergy with them that the developer understands is crucial in maintaining and further building on its growth and success.

Mr Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said, The UAE, and especially Dubai, are very agile in their governance. They are proactive, and quick to react and enact. This agility is a major virtue of the emirates, allowing for a faster pace of solutions, growth, and betterment. This is key in the UAEs ability to always do what is best for the country and its residents. We value and admire this deeply, and are using it as a case study for business success. We need to be just as agile and adaptive in how we work with those who matter to us the most and have therefore initiated our revamped stakeholder satisfaction strategy to stay on top of our partners' wants and needs. The better we serve them, the more successful we will be in our endeavours of enriching lives in the UAE and beyond.

This meticulously detailed and highly promising strategy has been in the works for months, with us having leveraged and responded to the valuable, constructive feedback we have received from our stakeholders, as well as from several expert consultants and case studies. With it now being complete, we are delighted to launch it effective immediately, he continued.

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