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Automotive Repair and Services - Green Car Washing In Dubai City

  • Automotive Repair and Services - Green Car Washing In Dubai City

Automotive Repair and Services - Green Car Washing In Dubai City

Automotive Repair and Services - Green Car Washing In Dubai City
By Lance Winslow

The car business is various in different nations, after all, people do business in different ways though out the world. Recently, I was reviewing with someone in Dubai regarding the tire business, and how points have actually transformed in the city over the last 10-years, and it is indeed fantastic the changes, and the number of autos as well.

He took place to have been in the tire business for years and now was taking into consideration getting into the mobile car washing business, but not specifically the method we do it here in the United States, keep in mind the cost of water there is high, and it is a very useful source, as the water comes from desalination which expenses much more. After that it must be moved too. So something like mobile car cleaning, well, you can understand the interest in making use of way too much water.

Rather he plans on developing another Green Car Clean business there, so I asked him; exactly what type of "Green Car Laundry" are you intending in Dubai, I recognize that water is costly there, so exactly how are you handling that concern? You see, there are many people using dry-wash type products in Dubai to tidy cars and trucks. He also suggested to me that there are likewise companies which have come in and used the water in a bad way, as he described;

" Car Washing by unknown outsiders "Privately hired" they consume more water and make the room around unclean and un sanitary. My passion was to establish and elevate such problems to the greater authorities in U.A.E, fortunately they are already working with this project."

It is too bad that outside firms have mis-understood the worth of water and are allowing air pollution run-off, however I had already read about this issue, that's too bad, they are refraining from doing it right. So, yes, a far better means, and a much better business should be taken into consideration, I understand the water concerns there, and the run issues as well. There are ways to do it right without those issues, and it is very smart of him to see this potential opportunity.

Maybe this case study is of worth to those considering the best ways to run auto-repair and upkeep companies in various other markets and in various other nations. Please consider all this and once more think on it. If you have any kind of concerns or talk about this topic then do be so great as to send me an email at your earliest benefit, deal?

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise business Chain, and currently runs the [http://www.worldthinktank.net] Online Brain trust. Lance Winslow thinks it's hard work to create 22,000 write-ups; http://www.bloggingcontent.net/