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ASUS Unveils TUF Z97 Series Motherboards

ASUS Unveils TUF Z97 Series Motherboards

ASUS has today unveiled the TUF Z97 Series motherboards, which are built around the latest Intel® Z97 Express chipset. The new TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 and Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2, Gryphon Z97 and Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition motherboards support up to the latest 5th-generation Intel Core™ processors and — exclusively on the Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 — the new 10Gbit/s SATA Express interface for high-speed external storage. Available in both ATX and mATX form factors, there’s a TUF Z97 motherboard suitable for any build.

Looks TUF, performs tougher
TUF motherboards are world-renowned for their toughness, long-term stability, durability and bold styling, and the new models continue this proud tradition with a powerful new military-inspired design and the use of premium components throughout. The robust TUF motherboards have upgraded thermal management with the brand new TUF ICe cooling for precise fan control and thermal monitoring. Other features include the comprehensive Thermal Radar 2 cooling control, including the innovative Dust Diverter reversible fan technology and VGA Fan Control, making TUF motherboards cooler, more stable and even more reliable.

Intelligently cooled, toughly built
All TUF Z97 motherboards include Thermal Radar 2, which now allows users to control fans on ASUS graphics cards as well the case and system fans. Designed to provide total control over fan tuning and system cooling, it delivers the perfect balance between quietness, cooling and performance. Additionally, the new TUF ICe is an onboard microchip that delivers incredibly precise temperature monitoring and fan control. Monitoring of onboard temperature and fan speeds is always ultra-accurate — whether adjusting settings manually or using Thermal Radar 2’s automatic one-click optimization feature.
TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 and Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition feature TUF Fortifier. This turns the entire motherboard backplate into a huge heat-sink to direct heat away from key components on the back of voltage regulator module (VRM), reducing temperatures by up to 7°C. These models also use exclusive Thermal Armor, a special casing covering the entire motherboard that optimizes airflow to boost heat dissipation. The newly-added Dust Diverter technology allows fans to blow dust away from internal components, and Dust Defenders protect unused ports from dust inside and outside the system.

Designed for stability, tested for guaranteed satisfaction
TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 and Gryphon Z97 Armor Edition are both fully geared up with Thermal Armor, TUF Fortifier and Dust Defenders for the ultimate in cooling, stability and durability. Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2 and Gryphon Z97 are engineered with military-certified TUF components for everyday reliability, plus TUF ICe and Thermal Radar 2 for comprehensive control of cooling.
All TUF Z97 series motherboards are strictly tested to assure the utmost reliability. Military-grade certified TUF components have been upgraded with new alloy chokes, running up to 13.6% cooler. TUF ESD Guards are tested to standards that are up to double the industry norm, ensuring electrostatic discharges are properly grounded to protect sensitive components. Along with server-grade system tests and over 7000 hours of compatibility checks with over 1,000 devices, TUF Z97 motherboards are solidly built to inspire confidence, which is why every board is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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