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Aster Clinic Launches #STUBSUGAR Initiative to Raise Awareness on Consequences of High Sugar Consumption

Aster Clinic Launches #STUBSUGAR Initiative to Raise Awareness on Consequences of High Sugar Consumption

Aster Clinic Launches #STUBSUGAR Initiative to Raise Awareness on Consequences of High Sugar Consumption

Aster Clinic, among the largest healthcare networks in the Middle East, released a nation-wide campaign called '#STUBSUGAR', to create recognition amongst the populace about too much sugar consumption which is the prime cause for persistent conditions like diabetes mellitus and obesity.

There have been significant strides in creating understanding about the health repercussions caused by cigarette usage. However, enhanced occurrence of diabetes mellitus and childhood obesity in the UAE has made it critical to enlighten individuals concerning the threats and consequences of a material as damaging as tobacco - 'Sugar'.

Inning accordance with the World Health Organization, an approximated 3.8 million fatalities have actually been reported in between 2012-2015 worldwide, as a result of diabetes, high blood glucose and various other sugar-related conditions.

** Amazingly, millions of individuals have determined the health community's phone call to give up cigarette smoking, while; the dangerous repercussions of sugar overdose have been mainly unnoticed.

With the aim of avoiding diet related chronic illness such as obesity, diabetes and heart problem and as an initiative to lower the unacceptable use sugar amongst customers, the #STUBSUGAR campaign intends to enhance awareness of the dangers related to excessive intake of added sugar. Passing the tagline ‘Sugar is the new tobacco’, the project strives to promote greater understanding on healthy nutritional selections.

Discussing the #STUBSUGAR campaign, Dr. Prakash Pania, Specialist Endocrinologist at Aster Facility ( AJMC), Bur Dubai, said, "The amount of sugar that has continuously slipped into our diet plans will certainly have everlasting effects on our health in the future. Sugar has currently become one of the main original variables of chronic health conditions like diabetic issues, heart problem and with obesity, also cancer. There is a should develop a durable program that helps in educating people concerning taking control of their health. The #STUBSUGAR is a unique initiative that is an essential step in elevating awareness about the hazardous results of too much sugar consumption across all age groups. The best objective is to take out sweet taste from the consumer's diet and fill it in their lives, thereby producing a much healthier society."

As part of the project, Aster Clinic designed 5000 tailor made sugar sachets in the form of cigarettes as a simple aesthetic device that aptly dub a typical message, 'Sugar is the new tobacco. Reduce both. #STUBSUGAR. Replacing regular sugar sachets, the tailor made sachets have been put across various prominent cafe in Dubai. Every time the customer goes with sugar, they are advised to reevaluate their decision to add sugar to the drink and is motivated to place an end to this harmful behavior.

Dr. Aisam Raoof Mattar, Professional in Internal Medicine at Aster Center, Tecom said, "Altering food routines and the fact that the majority of people are not aware of the quantity of sugar they consumption on a daily basis has caused boost of numerous conditions. Awareness regarding health repercussions of extreme sugar intake is a critical action to building a healthier community. It is not regarding minimizing sugar completely, however to inform the consumer about the nature of the worry, its effects and supplydetails on the benefits of a much more aware sugar consumption. It is the tiny steps that a specific takes that lead them to a healthier and happier life."

As part of the #STUBSUGAR initiative, Aster Center will additionally be giving cost-free diabetic issues exam for all consumers that would decide to get the service by sending an SMS to 7004.

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