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Among All Traditional Events of the Festival, Camel Beauty (Mazayna) Emerges Prominent

Among All Traditional Events of the Festival, Camel Beauty (Mazayna) Emerges Prominent

Foreign guests and tourist from everywhere throughout the world run to Al Dhafra Festival, which has become a universal stage showing the oral legacy and old stories of Emirates; as they look for information about veritable standards and customs of Emirates.

Camel Beauty (Mazayna) challenge comes at the cutting edge of competition looked for after by Bedouin life lovers. Camels and their handlers showed up seven days prior to the rises south of Madinat Zayed, on the edge of the Empty Quarter, to set up camps with extraordinary tents and creature pens before mogul camel proprietors landed from the city.

Around 24,000 camels and their 4,000 proprietors contend at Al Dhafra Festival, one of the world's biggest magnificence shows. It is recognized by its "queens", since quite a while ago lashed wonders with four legs and a mound. The prizes adding up to Dh52 million at the 13th yearly celebration.

There are 81 camel beauty competitions, divided according by a camel's age, breed and whether it is possessed by a tribesman or a sheik. Most prestigious of all is the bairaq, the best herd competition.

"Sayha"; a correspondence code between she-camels and their proprietors

Sayha (Shouting at camels by their names) is one of the notable practices in camel beauty challenges, where every proprietor of a she-camel participating in camel excellence challenges stands and yells at his she-camel to persuade and entice her to raise her head up to give her marvels among other contending she-camels before the board of judges.

When she-camels, taking an interest in camel magnificence (Mazayna) expo, start parading, their proprietors' hooting becomes stronger from all edges of the challenge track. Regardless of the covered voices and various names, every she-camel can perceive her proprietor's voice and, at that point, grunts and proudly raises her head up; as though she says to her proprietor: "Glad to see you tailing me closely".

"(Sayha) or calling camels by their names from outside the rails of the track draws camels' attention and cautions them when they are languid or numb with their heads dropped down disguising their magnificence highlights. Sayha persuades and prompts them to raise their heads up searching for their proprietors, and, in this manner, uncovering their delights before the board of judges. This, in turn, would verify these dromedaries the full imprint for their very own excellence highlights." Mr Salmeen Mubarak Al Amri; a camel proprietor, said.

"Every she-camel knows her proprietor's voice and can remember it from among this plenty of voices and names. Voices of members become stronger and overlap from outside the rails of the challenge track while simultaneously calling the names of their separate she-camels, and observers can barely perceive these names; where one is discontinuously hooting, another is articulating unrecognizable sounds and a third is whistling while at the same time articulating the name of his she-camel alongside different sounds and covered words routed to his camels, however every she-camel raises her head and noisily echoes reaction to her proprietor's call." Mr Hamad Al Murry, a Saudi proprietor of camels, emphasized.

Camels are portrayed with various different qualities and highlights including a solid memory empowering them to come all the way back effectively significantly after years. One unusual thing about camels is that a camel calf, in the event that it gets astray, can return to the last spot where it was fed milk from its mother. Further, camels can marvellously discover areas of water reservoirs or precipitation and grazing lands because of their strong feeling of smell.