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To Alleviate Parents From The Financial Burden, BEAM Announces Key Measures

  • Salah Bukhatir

To Alleviate Parents From The Financial Burden, BEAM Announces Key Measures

The leading educational institution in the UAE offers substantial discounts in light of the current situation

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International (BEAM), which functions the International School of Creative Science (ISCS) and American School of Creative Science (ASCS) schools in Dubai and Sharjah, has reached out to parents with a series of monetary relief measures to aid them during the present crisis.

Tuition fees for Term 3 will be reduced by 20% throughout all grade and year groups with the rebate automatically processed as a credit towards the 2020/21 Term 1 tuition costs.

Similarly, there will be a full remuneration of all fees associated to transportation, examination and extra-curricular activities. Further, for Dubai campuses, there will be a sharp reduction in renewal fees to a fixed fee of AED 500 per student for a restricted period. The schools will also allow parents to settle all bills with credit cards to assist them gain from UAE banks that are providing zero-cost, easy monthly payment plans on education transactions.

These relief initiatives were established after much consideration, placing parents and children at the heart of BEAM’s core values.

Following government directives, BEAM schools revealed the online remote-learning program to keep students academically active during their stay at home. The schools are using a combination of tools and methods to make sure learning is rigorous as well as effective.

Salah Bukhatir, Chairman and CEO of BEAM, stated that, “We have come up with carefully developed financial relief measures that take into consideration parents’ situation during these difficult times. We are also making sure our pupils and students continue to receive the best education through e-learning methods which everyone has embraced so well. I commend our teachers and educators who persist to reinvent themselves and deliver a powerful academic program under a speedily changing environment.”

“BEAM has always promoted excellence in all its activities, being an education system that covers five schools throughout Dubai and Sharjah, and celebrates great partnerships over the previous two decades with the welfare of children, parents, and our educators our utmost priority.”

Through its Creative Science Schools, BEAM as an institution pioneered the promotion of academic excellence underpinned by the moral upbringing of children inspired by faith.

BEAM is dedicated to offering a constant value providing to parents, maximizing access to learning opportunities at both its UK and US curriculum schools in Dubai and Sharjah.