ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education with a Breakthrough Solution

ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education with a Breakthrough Solution
10 September 2017 -
  • ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education with a Breakthrough Solution
    ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education with a Breakthrough Solution ALEF Reimagines K-12 Education with a Breakthrough Solution

Alef, an privately held education technology company, today introduced its technology-enabled education solution at a school in Abu Dhabi. Today, greater than 240 students started an education journey that has been 36 months in the making - the conclusion of enthusiastic efforts of a first-rate group of education and modern technology professionals who have actually worked together to make it possible for outstanding educational design, powered by modern innovation. For the first time in human history, a group of school students are using a technology-enabled education solution which is a total end-to-end mainstream type of official classroom-based academic learning.

" Alef's launch today is the start of a trip to cause an overhaul of the status quo to usher in a brand-new paradigm in education. Offered the rate at which modern technology and industry continue to advance, it is uncertain what future offices will look like, let alone recognize the skills required of their workforces," stated Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Alef's CEO. "And as every industry of culture goes through some form of 21st century revolution, the education market could not, and should not, obtain left. The education field feeds every part of industry and society, and in a world where the image of the future modifications so swiftly, education has to go to the heart of our global technical journey."

Alef is essentially an innovative and immersive multi-lingual learning-science framework with internal hypermedia web content powered by advanced technology and expert system. Its design takes on all-natural language handling, advanced information science, and technology-enhanced content to provide a system that engages students and encourages self-learning, with the aim of equipping them with the skills essential to efficiently browse the world of the future.

Alef is a Transformational Technology-Enabled Education Solution
Alef fundamentally evolves the role of the teacher in the 21st century classroom, shifting the education procedure from the acquainted teacher-centered model to a learner-centered data-driven design. With Alef, the educator handles the role of an expert facilitator, assisted by an innovative and immersive ecosystem powered by groundbreaking modern technology and artificial intelligence.

Alef's technology carefully synchronizes with a school's educational program allowing trainees to find out at their very own speed and have access anywhere, anytime; and establish secure in the knowledge that they are sustained by a community of instructors, who could make customized choices to ensure that each student meets their short and long-term goals.

Through using sophisticated technology and artificial intelligence, Alef's educational design uses principles like thematic interdisciplinary understanding-- where children learn to make connections in between various fields and topics; experiential learning - which urges discovering with experience and experiment; tailored remediation techniques-- which react to the specific abilities and knowledge level of each student; and metacognition - where a student is encouraged to understand their own thought process. This design is after that powered by natural language processing, advanced data science and innovation enhanced material to provide a system that involves students and encourages self-learning.

Alef Recognizes the Importance of Appropriate Human Interaction
Alef is pioneering picked methods in the interactions in between every student and educator to foster genuine compassion and produce an inclusive understanding atmosphere. The company's design acknowledges the relevance of adjustment administration at any school utilizing the technology as being one of one of the most vital factors for its continual success. In addition, Alef's innovative systems that take on expert system to personalize the user interface, bridges interaction between a parent, a student and a teacher.

Alef’s Team is Exceptional
The team consists of more than 300 leading technology and education specialists, that jointly hold 20 PhDs and 25 Masters Degrees in between them. These professionals have actually signed up with pressures to reimagine the future of learning. They have actually been united from leading study colleges including: Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, Indian Institute of Scientific research, Cornell University, Rice University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Florida - Gainesville, and Tufts University.

The Abu Dhabi team of almost 300 workers operates in close partnership with development and research centers from around the globe including in the USA, India, and the Netherlands.

Alef is Currently Formalizing Significant Regional Expansion Plans
Alef is in discussions with different independent school operators and public school districts. Alef aims to have operations in various other GCC countries, Egypt and India in the near future.

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