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Adenomyosis: What is it and why women planning to conceive should care
IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic says medical condition has been found to cause infertility amongst other triggers

Studies recommend that one in 10 female live with Adenomyosis, a condition in the reproductive system that can cause pelvic pain and irregular bleeding, and yet not many women are aware of such a condition. What is it and why should female particularly the ones planning to conceive have to care?

Dr. Laura Melado, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, defined that Adenomyosis is a growth of endometrial tissue into the walls of the uterus. Previously labeled as a form of Endometriosis, it reveals signs similar to those experienced by women with fibroids. Some, however, do not report any signs and symptoms at all.

Traditionally, this clinical problem is discovered only after the examination of a tissue from a uterus that has been removed surgically. The method of removing the uterus is recognised as Hysterectomy. However, professionals are looking at more practical procedures, which includes MRI and 3D ultrasound, to diagnose the condition quicker and without the patient going via the highly invasive operation. If diagnosed, a patient is normally prescribed with anti-inflammatory pills and hormone medications, among others, stated Dr Laura. She also stated further:

Does adenomyosis have an effect on a womans possibilities of getting pregnant? This has been one of the most frequent questions and the answer is: yes, it has been discovered to cause infertility. For women undergoing In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedure, in particular, studies show decreased possibilities of successful embryo implantation and increased miscarriage rate.

More research, stated Dr Laura, is wanted to put in place more effective protocols in dealing with cases of women with adenomyosis who are set to endure IVF. IVI Fertility Middle East manages modern clinics in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE and Muscat in Oman. IVI Fertility provides exceedingly personalized and affordable remedies for both male and female infertility conditions and is backed via the most advanced technologies in the field. The institution delivers the highest success rate of over 70% in the region and is the preferred choice for couples who have unexplained infertility or formerly failed IVF cycles.




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