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The Acquisition of GroupBC, UK Leader in Cloud Services for Construction Information Management Announced by Bentley Systems
Advancing Project and Asset Common Data Environments (CDEs) through Digital Twins

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading international provider of complete software and digital twins services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, recently unveiled the acquisition of GroupBC, a leading UK SaaS software innovator. For over twenty years, GroupBC’s and Bentley’s software solutions have been deployed for complementary reason to enhance project and asset information management. The transaction outcomes from GroupBC’s enlargement agenda and Bentley’s investment appetite, for global growth possibilities stemming from the UK’s national initiatives for predominant infrastructure investment and towards infrastructure digital twins.

GroupBC’s CDE solutions, BC Projects and BC Enterprise+, have been extensively utilized in the UK for data management respectively throughout construction and asset estates. Largely due to the UK’s substantiated ROI experience and its international notion leadership, CDEs have turn out to be more and more availed globally in “going digital” for capital projects and resulting assets. In 2019, the UK’s (BS 1192) construction project data management suggestions have been mostly adopted inside the international standard ISO 19650.

Also in 2019, in its inaugural study of the general market for Collaborative BIM, ARC Advisory Group ranked Bentley’s ProjectWise system as #1 worldwide. The new possibility is to construct on ISO 19650, and GroupBC’s UK data management experience, to improve collaborative BIM, via “evergreen” digital twins, to span infrastructure lifecycles. In combination, Bentley’s iTwin Services will now be leveraged to uniquely connect GroupBC CDEs and ProjectWise CDEs. Through semantic alignment and change synchronization, the resulting digital twins’ cloud services will securely federate – completely enabling 4D combined reality and analytics visibility – formerly separate CDEs for development and engineering.

Keith Bentley, Chief Technology Officer for Bentley Systems, said, “Our iTwin cloud services, taking benefit of iModel-based solutions for interoperability, are perfect for federating CDEs. This allows us to guarantee that the users of our BC SaaS services will gain from similarly extending the value of their project and asset data via digital twins. With the support of our new GroupBC colleagues, we will now be in a position to better serve engineers, contractors, and owners by bringing together their collective IT (information management), OT (operational technologies along with reality modeling), and ET (engineering models). I am assured that the resulting upgrades in project and asset performance will be constant with the UK’s demanding however welcome expectations for new ROI breakthroughs from digital twins.”

Simon Horsley, UK regional executive for Bentley Systems, said, “Our many UK users, projects, and proprietors in common with GroupBC will attain a lot from our joining forces to improve CDEs via digital twins. I have been tasked by Bentley management to assist the UK to proceed to lead the world in going digital for infrastructure advancement, and our new choices and colleagues from GroupBC bring necessary momentum as we pool resources to meet our market’s extended ‘infrastructure revolution’ requirements. I especially welcome to Bentley Systems GroupBC’s co-founders Sanjeev Shah and Stephen Crompton, and CEO Wes Simmons.”

Sanjeev Shah, co-founder of GroupBC, said, “This is a vastly interesting day for our shared accounts and for both our workforces moving forward. The possibilities which arise from bringing our two organizations and their respective product portfolios together are enormous, as is the international reach which Bentley can now add for us. Working together we will be even better capable to support, via ‘going digital,’ construction and asset lifecycles.”

Stephen Crompton, CPO and co-founder of GroupBC, added, “Bentley is going to offer a great new home for our products to thrive in. GroupBC have constantly promoted an integrated, best-of-breed approach, and being capable to complement our leading software solutions with present best-of-breed products from Bentley provides a uniquely interesting probability for us and our user organizations, opening the door for unparalleled integration between our solutions and bridging the gaps between design, construction and ongoing asset data management.”

Wes Simmons, CEO of GroupBC, said, “Our founders and I would like to thank our equity partner YFM for their visionary support over the last 5 years. For our GroupBC team, customers, and partners, joining Bentley Systems ensures a future of persisted growth, which includes beyond construction data management via widely federated digital twins, and global expansion. Here’s to BC CDE and digital twins’ advancement!”




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