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  • 15 of Empowering Youth in MENA, INJAZ Al-Arab with Citi Foundation Launches Its First Leadership Summit
15 of Empowering Youth in MENA, INJAZ Al-Arab with Citi Foundation Launches Its First Leadership Summit

In a Strategic partnership with Citi Foundation, INJAZ Al-Arab launched its first Leadership Summit in festivity of fifteen years of effect over the MENA region.

The summit facilitated a board under the subject of " The Power of the Partnership" and animated an open talk between key partners who vehicle crafted by INJAZ in the region; the private division, the board substance, chairmanship and worldwide association of JA Worldwide.The board handled the accomplishment of the organization model of INJAZ Al-Arab/JA MENA in the course of recent years and the key drivers that improved crafted by the system, contemplating the conditional difficulties confronting a region of genuine economic insecurity.

The specialists included Sheikha Hanadi Al Thani, INJAZ Al-Arab Chairwoman, Asheesh Advani, Global CEO of JA Worldwide and Karim Seifelddine Citi's Public Affairs and Government Relations Head, Middle East and Africa – directed by Ramzi Abdel Jaber, Chief Administrative Officer at Investcorp.

Akef Aqrabawi, CEO, INJAZ Al Arab, said "In the MENA region, we have gigantic ability and will to become pioneers and drive change on the planet. At INJAZ Al-Arab's yearly challenge, youth feature their potential rousing a huge number of others like them in the Arab world and arousing their entrepreneurial spirit. The way to opening this potential is building key associations with one of a kind partners in the district to make collaborations that help sustain the more younger generation.

Karim Seifeddine, Citi Foundation, stated: "We are satisfied to help an occasion of this extent and impact. For quite a long time Citi Foundation has drawn in different partner through organizations and occasions where we can have any kind of effect. INJAZ Al Arab's administration is an occasion where the capability of the young Arab world is exhibited, and we consider ourselves to be empowering agents and facilitators of thoughts that will shape the fate of the Arab world. With this occasion, youthful pioneers will get an opportunity to impart their voyage to their companions and move them to pursue their fantasies."

INJAZ Al-Arab, a member of JA Worldwide, has affected since initiation in 2004 more than 3.5 million youth as a team with in excess of 13 ministries of education, 27,000 schools' engagements, 1,800 universities engagements, 88,000 volunteers and many private area substances.




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