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The Brilliant Craftsmanship of the Dubai City ..

Basically, the UAE is a small country located in the eastern part of the Arab world, surrounded by the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. But the impeccable craftsmanship of its great leaders h..

Its fun, adventure and grilling at Mamzar ..

Mamzar Beach Park is not a piece of land that confines to words. There is much more to it. It offers visitors with barbecue sites, private chalets for hire, swimming pools, food kiosks, shelte..

Are you ready to ditch the wheels for a day? ..

Well, Dubai and its nearby emirates are in for this game. Residents are urged to forget their wheels and take the more eco-friendly public transport this Sunday. This comes after the announcem..

A Sweet Revenge to a Bitter Past The Story of K.K. Moideen Koya ..

Having come a long way, this multi-talented celebrity has completed 26 years in the UAE and is currently the Director of Media Relations at UAE Exchange. As Day of Dubai breaksinto his daily t..

Have you watched the Superloop Stunt Show at Global Village? ..

Global Village is one of the most favourite spots in Dubai. It becomes a fun-filled hangout spot for friends and families during weekends. Tourist and residents flood into the Global Village t..

Dubai to become the most-visited city worldwide by 2022? ..

Home to a multi-lingual populace and nicknamed the melting pot of culture, while boasting its unparalleled skyline kissing the skies, the Dubai emirate has been soaring higher and higher. Duba..

The growing need for a changed perspective towards the environment ..

The climate changes experienced around the world have been constantly ringing warning bells to the earths occupants beckoning the reckless use and misuse of its resources. Global warming has b..

Whats new with the Expo 2020 Dubai this week? ..

Young minds learn the basics of coding School students from across the UAE delve into the world of coding in a fun-filled environment while brainstorming solutions to 21st-century mobility cha..

Building a cloud strategy to boost digital innovation ..

The role of cloud as an IT and business tool is now more than a decade old. Globally, IT departments are migrating their business applications from on-premises to public cloud platforms at a c..

Whats a better combo than food & beach this weekend? ..

With an impending weekend comes a bunch of ideas to spend the day off in style. With vibrant activities and events happening in different parts of the city, the residents of Dubai are often le..

And you too, Egg? Then fall breakfast! ...

When an egg created waves on Instagram, breaking the record of Kylie Jenners most liked photo, we all hailed and praised the tiny egg hero. But then came the shocking news that thrust hard in the hearts of those who c...

It is not the depth of what you are doin ...

Dubai and the whole UAE has always been a breeding ground for Real Estate. Investors and Developers flood into the city with its assured turnovers every passing year with more enthusiasm. 

Mohan Kavalam, ...

When rain hits the weekend ...

It is pouring down everywhere, the roads, parks, and beaches. A weekend is up as well. With the tiring traffic, think you got nothing to do this weekend? Never! We always have an alternate plan at Day of Dubai to assu...

Expo 2020 A win-win game for all ...

As Dubai prepares for a groundbreaking World Expo like never before, it is all eyes on the city. The whole world is watching Dubai, anticipating an awe-inspiring expo ahead. Thanks to the visionary leadership of His <...

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