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How to START A BUSINESS and live in DUBAI

For many people 'New Work' also means to start a business or at least work from another location or country. Since we are still on family vacation in Dubai and met so many interesting people here, we thought: why not make a video about it?
Katinka's friend Melanie Schneider has been living in Dubai for 7 years now and has set-up, not only her own business here, but also her family.
In this video, they talk about all things living and working in Dubai: How easy is it to get started in Dubai? What do you need in the first place? Is it expensive? How easy is it to work from Dubai, but also collaborate with you team in Germany?

Grab a coffee, relax and listen to the conversation if you are considering this place for yourself and/or your business. Melanie has never studied and is one of very many expats, who are extremely open to change and taking opportunities whenever they come along. It might even help you to make a decision for yourself. Let us know in the comments below, which place you would prefer for your new work-life setup.