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Young Boy Inspires Global Brand To Act For Gender Equality
Eight-year old, Sultan Abdullah Mohammed Soumr let global giant Betty Crocker know that men bake too when he noticed Arabic packaging used exclusively female terminology, In a move to ensure gender equality, Betty Crocker wasted no time in changing the language of its Arabic instructions on over 20 million units of packaging, New gender-neutral packs hit the region’s supermarket shelves from this month, with Mug Treats and Super Moist leading the way

It’s no secret that the youth of these days are calling on companies to act for positive change throughout the world. Here in the Arab world, the modern young champion for change is Sultan Abdullah Mohammed Soumr, an eight-year-old boy from Ras Al Khaimah. Sultan stepped ahead to address gender inequality when he observed that a international brand which has embodied family values for nearly 100 years – Betty Crocker – would possibly need to look once more at its Arabic instructions on the packaging.

Sultan, who enjoys baking with his family, saw that the Arabic terminology in cooking guidelines on a pack of Betty Crocker Mug Treats Triple Chocolate Cake that spoke only to the female population. As a young boy passionate about cooking, he voiced his feelings to this elder sister, who highlighted them in a tweet while tagging the brand’s social media platform. The tweet, which in consequence went viral read, “Betty Crocker, why do your baking instructions only talk to women?”

Betty Crocker listened. The baking giant immediately began working to change the language on its packs, to make sure that all of its clients – male and female, young and old – would feel included. This was no small task. As one of the region’s biggest brands, it meant rewriting and redesigning instructions for more than forty products, and then reprinting a whopping more than 20 million packs to make sure that the language used was gender impartial and inclusive, because, as Sultan pointed out, the kitchen is for everyone.

“At Betty Crocker, we trust in equality and inclusivity. We agree with in ‘Each for Equal’ and we welcome ideas and suggestions from any source. It was really inspiring to hear Sultan’s opinions, specifically given his age - it proves that there are no obstacles to creating change. Across the region, our products have been part of bakers’ lives for decades, and it’s important that we constantly evolve to stay connected, and reflect the family values of every generation,” stated Ali Akhtar Shaikh Commercial Director MEA & Marketing Capabilities Director Asia Middle East Africa.

Sultan, the young advocate for equality, is excited about the change he has been able to bring about and looks ahead to making a positive effect in his community as he grows older. Sultan hopes his efforts pioneer gender equality inspire other like-minded youth to do the same. “I love baking with my family particularly with Betty Crocker components since they are easy to use. It makes me pleased to hear that more children like me can now enjoy making scrumptious food with their families too” shared Sultan.

Sultan’s voice has now helped to encourage a whole new Betty Crocker campaign - “The Kitchen is for All”. For nearly 100 years Betty Crocker has been making life more scrumptious for families throughout the world. With this latest campaign, the brand encourages the entire family to get involved in the baking process, from daily dinners and desserts, to unique occasion feasts. “This not only ensures that every member of the family spends quality time together but also gives families a chance to create reminiscences that last a lifetime,” added Ali Shaikh.




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