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Wakha launches a new Luxury restaurant at Jumeirah

Wakha launches a new Luxury restaurant at Jumeirah

Restaurant invites new and old customers to embark on a culinary adventure where they create and name their own dishes

Wakha, the critically acclaimed restaurant chain that specializes in Afghani and Shinwari cuisines, has launched its latest restaurant at Jumeirah, Dubai. The move reflects the aim of expanding the chain’s market reach and invite new and old customers to experiment with native ingredients, comprise great flavor combinations and enjoy a unique and memorable dining experience.

Muhammad Azam, Co-founder, Wakha, said: “At Wakha, our ambition has always been to serve our valued customers with the healthy, refreshing and very authentic Shinwari and Afghani cuisines available without the use of any processed spices and oil. We continue to try to facilitate the best dining experience possible for everybody who walks through our doors and all customers are now able to choose their meat, how it is cut, choose different combinations of flavors and cooking styles, and also name their dish and take the precise details of their recipes.”

He continued: “We believe in providing a platform for a culinary adventure like no other and the approach we adopt in our new restaurant has no restrictions on visitors with regards to eating options. We only use natural ingredients such as green spices, tomatoes, salt and lamb fat or fresh butter while all our signature dishes are 100 percent halal. We look forward to welcoming everyone who visits the new restaurant in the coming months and years and offering them with a special dining experience like no other.”

Wakha, co-owned by Waqas Talat, Aqeel Sarwar, Saad Talat and Muhammad Azam was established with a clear vision to deliver a true and authentic taste in the UAE and other international markets. The unique feature of the Shinwari cuisine is that all meat is charcoal grilled or cooked with lamb fat and salt with no or customized spices to give a delicious and real taste of meat. The most famous ingredients from the Shinwari cuisine are: Shinwari lamb karahi – fresh lamb cooked in natural lamb fat, tomatoes, green chillies and salt; Shinwari chicken karahi – fresh chicken cooked in natural lamb fat or fresh butter, tomatoes, green chillies and salt; Shinwari lamb tikka – charcoal-grilled fresh lamb seasoned with salt and natural lamb fat; Dumpukht/Rosh – succulent fresh lamb meat cooked on a very low flame in its juices and bone marrow for three to four hours with potatoes and seasoned aromatic herbs.

Wakha’s Afghani cuisine provides a real-time alternative for those interested in the rich Central Asian culture of Afghanistan. The flagship dish of the Afghani cuisine is the Kabuli Palao, which consists of tender lamb or beef, long grained steamed rice, raisins, julienned carrots, Kofta Nakhod, beef meat balls and grounded chickpeas.