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In Upcoming Webinar Arab Brazilian Chamber Of Commerce To Highlight Tools To Boost Global Competitiveness Amid COVID-19

  • Boost Global Competitiveness Amid COVID-19

In Upcoming Webinar Arab Brazilian Chamber Of Commerce To Highlight Tools To Boost Global Competitiveness Amid COVID-19

Ninth edition of virtual conference to tackle advantages of global market expansion

The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) is readied to host the ninth edition of its webinar on Wednesday, July 1, 2020, as part of its ongoing bid to sustain durable trade activities as well as partnerships in between Arab and also Brazilian firms amidst the current pandemic.

Titled 'Tools for Global Competitiveness,' the upcoming webinar will certainly highlight effective business development strategies and devices for a more resilient market presence and also leadership in Brazil as well as essential Arab states. Brazilian companies planning to expand their footprint in major Arab industries are several of the participants of the virtual event, during which the speakers will talk about, to name a few, verified as well as strategic strategies to building business operations overseas according to their corporate goals.

Rubens Hannun, President, Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: "Comparable to our previous webinars, sharing of expertise and also experiences will certainly be at the heart of our latest occasion. During the upcoming webinar, our speakers will provide comprehensive factors on the benefits of expanding internationally as well as summary their recommended strategies - including the importance of global certifications and also an effective item traceability system - to assist increase the global competitiveness of any kind of business organization. The participants, on the other hand, will acquire brand-new understandings as they engage with the experts as well as their like-minded peers. At the end of the webinar, everybody will certainly gain brand-new perspectives and inputs, which is in line with our goal of helping our participants prosper even during these challenging times."

On product traceability, the attendees will certainly learn just how to monitor the movement of a product, from production to acquire by end-users, through QR codes or upc code. The webinar will certainly additionally tackle the distinct features of large Arab markets; the customer profiles; the relevance of offering products with higher appeal and value to the Arab consumers; as well as various negotiation strategies.

The 'Tools for Global Competitiveness' event is the current in a series of webinars and also special digital meetings organized by ABCC to talk about urgent, relevant problems pertaining to Brazil-Arab ties. Each on the internet occasion had attracted around 800 agents from Brazilian and Arab companies.

For registration please click on the link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_cHBFo-0sRriUlYNDQ3vQ0A