Unprecedented: Ford F-Series Achieves 40 Consecutive Years as America’s Best Selling Truck

Unprecedented: Ford F-Series Achieves 40 Consecutive Years as America’s Best Selling Truck
04 January 2017 -
  • Unprecedented: Ford F-Series Achieves 40  Consecutive Years as America’s Best Selling Truck
    Unprecedented: Ford F-Series Achieves 40 Consecutive Years as America’s Best Selling Truck Unprecedented: Ford F-Series Achieves 40 Consecutive Years as America’s Best Selling Truck

DUBAI, UAE, Jan. 4, 2017 - Ford, The U.S.A.'s truck leader, is celebrating a significant milestone as F-Series currently rules as the top-selling truck in the nation for 40 consecutive years and very popular vehicle for 35 years

Ford has now sold greater than 26 million F-Series vehicles since January 1977. Think about it such as this: That many vehicles could circle the globe greater than three times, or, aligned bumper-to- bumper, would extend 90,000-plus miles.

Ford truck leadership was established with the sixth-generation of F-Series for the 1977 version year, a time when 8-track tapes, disco and bell bases were the rage. The company was riding a sales wave-- based upon a brand new F-150 light-duty pickup including an improved 351-series V8 engine, common front disc brakes, and an prolonged SuperCab offering.

Yet continual innovation goes to the really core of F-Series' success as well as with the momentum in 1977, Ford engineers were currently at work on a clean-sheet design for a brand new schedule. That seventh-generation F-Series not just set sales records for vehicles, but also by 1982 it had actually come to be the general best-selling vehicle in America. "

The 1980 design was an innovation generation for Ford," claimed historian and writer James Wagner. "It was all new - possibly the greatest modification in 40 years. It was fresh and had a strong sob story with the twin I-beam front suspension. It seems from that point on, things actually went Ford's method as far as vehicles were concerned."

1997 marked the start of a split for F-Series into two unique platforms - the 10th-generation F-150 was tailored towards light-duty truck customers, while new F-250 and F-350 Super Task brand name vehicles debuted in 1999 targeting durable industrial vehicle customers.

Ford anticipated widening customer needs, broadened its vehicle lineup Early on, Ford identified altering customer preferences amongst vehicle customers that were progressively utilizing their vehicle to do more than haul livestock and For news releases, relevant products and high-resolution images and video clip, see www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordmiddleeast, www.twitter.com/fordmiddleeast, www.flickr.com/photos/fordmiddleeast or www.youtube.com/fordmiddleast

equipment;; customers were likewise utilizing their trucks for their household and way of living needs. Starting with the King Ranch in 2001, Ford was currently supplying luxury edition pick-ups that gave a mix of capacity, style and comfort. Additionally, models like the Platinum and Minimal series went additionally, showcasing leather seating, abundant wood trim, full power accessories and premium stereo.

Ford additionally pioneered efficiency and specialty vehicle segments with the special- edition Harley-Davidson F-150 and SVT F-150 Lightning in 1993. By 2002, Ford was marking 25 years as very successful truck in The U.S.A. and Two Decade as very successful vehicle generally.

" What's made the F-Series so successful is the Ford truck team's capacity to anticipate the demands of our customers far better compared to anyone else - exactly how those requirements modification, just what's most important, and what they have to move forward," said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. "Their insights assist us design, engineer and develop America's very popular trucks."

For the 2004 model year, the 11th-generation F-150 received a top-down redesign. 2009 saw Ford billing ahead with a few of the strongest aesthetic hints ever for the 12th-generation F-Series. For the 2011 model year, the company was poised to deal with escalating power expenses with intro of the all-new fuel-efficient 3.5-. litre EcoBoost ® engine for F-150.

Toughest, smartest, most capable F-Series ever On rare events, innovative firms for life transform the game with the introduction of a revolutionary product. Ford's all-new high-strength, military-grade aluminum-alloy body for the light-duty F-150 in 2015 was that advancement product. Then Ford used the exact same light-weight material making the all-new 2017 F-Series Super Task much more qualified than ever.

When paired with sophisticated powertrains, like Ford EcoBoost engines, the F-150 schedule provides the most hauling ability *, and best-in- class gas mileage **. Customers and doubters alike appreciate the continued innovation of Ford F-Series vehicles, with the 2017 Super Responsibility winning the Motor Fad Vehicle of the Year award - the seventh time in 30 years Ford has taken residence the honors.

F-Series technologies and landmarks, 1977 to existing.

1977: Ford begins F-Series vehicle management, offering 818,580 trucks for the design year.

1979: Ford presents the Built Ford Challenging brand assurance 1980: All-new seventh-generation F-Series includes efficient gas and diesel V8 engines, brand-new angular design, boosted indoor features; twin-traction- light beam four-wheel- drive front suspension presented.

1984: F-150 changes F-100 as base F-Series truck, adding enhanced security features and brand-new center console; optional CD player comes a year later on.

1987: Eighth-generation F-Series showcases a more aerodynamic design, offered digital fuel shot, revamped indoor consisting of control panel, and rear aantilock brakes.

1998: Super Responsibility brand name of medium-duty vehicles debuts for commercial customers and lines up the preferred F-150 line for light-duty customers.

2001: Luxury King Ranch is an unprecedented success For news releases, associated materials and high-resolution images and video clip, check out www.media.ford.com. Adhere to at www.facebook.com/fordmiddleeast, www.twitter.com/fordmiddleeast,.
www.flickr.com/photos/fordmiddleeast or www.youtube.com/fordmiddleast.

2002: Ford, commemorating 25 years as very successful truck in The U.S.A. and Two Decade as very popular vehicle overall, presents Ford-engineered, Ford-built 6.7-liter Power Stroke ® turbo diesel motor.

2008: Ford introduces all-new Class 3-leading F-450 pick-up, once more elevating bench for optimum hauling capability.

2011: Powerful, reliable EcoBoost engine modern technology introduced for F-150.

2015: Ford shifts production away from steel to high-strength, military-grade,.
aluminum-alloy body for F-150; presents brand new innovation, including 360-.
degree electronic camera.

2016: New Pro Trailer Backup Assist aids make backing up a trailer as easy as transforming a knob; plus F-150 is only full-size pick-up to gain a first-class ranking.
from National Highway Web traffic Security Administration and a Top Safety Select from Insurance coverage Institute for Highway Safety and security.

2017: Ford commemorates F-Series leadership, noting 40 years with the best-.
marketing truck in The U.S.A. and the best-selling vehicle overall for 35 years.