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UAE’s Food Security Office Announces Plans to Support the Committee’s Programmes
On the sidelines of the 46th Session of the Committee on World Food Security

Mariam Almheiri: The UAE is a Leading Supporter of international efforts to end hunger

Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri, Minister of State for Food Security, saw the UAE’s declaration to collaborate with the UN’s Committee on World Food Security by offering financial support to accomplish the committee’s objectives for 2020-2023, in coordination with the UN’s FAO Sub-Regional Office in Abu Dhabi.

The declaration came during an occasion held on the sidelines of H.E. Almheiri’s participation in the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)’s 46th session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), which is right now occurring at the FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, running until October 18, 2019.

Following the declaration, which was made in the presence of H.E. Mario Arvelo, Chairman of the CFS, H.E. Almheiri expressed the UAE’s promise to participating with the CFS as part of its long-standing strategic partnership that sees it playing a significant job in endeavors to accomplish food security for all nations.
For his part, Arvelo commended the UAE for helping the CFS in creating programmes and projects to accomplish world food security, underlining the UAE’s status as a pioneer in driving universal endeavors towards improving quality of life over the globe.

On the second day of the CFS’s 46th session, H.E. Almheiri gave an address in which she featured the difficulties brought about by environmental change, desertification, water scarcity and other environmental problems that are standing in the way of accomplishing food security in the Arab world. She reaffirmed that the UAE is endeavoring coordinated endeavors to accomplish the most noteworthy food security rates internationally, and is endeavoring to overcome hurdles by utilising modern technology, innovative solutions and sustainable methods of agriculture.

“Sustainable agriculture has turned into a need to advance global endeavors to combat climate changes. Conventional agricultural methods generate high levels of harmful emissions and this requires us to enhance research and development to generate agricultural solutions that save water and energy, especially as the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. As per the most recent projections, greenhouse emissions will double by 2030, unless the international community discovers radical solutions to address this problem,” H.E. Almheiri expressed.

“In addition to empowering all natives and occupants to approach to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for an active and healthy life at affordable prices at all times, including emergencies and crises, the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy aims to drive innovation and find practical solutions to improve food systems through the use of modern technology. One of our main objectives is launching technology-driven agricultural projects to overcome adverse conditions and reduce harmful emissions. Our latest efforts include the Global FoodTech Challenge; a global competition that aims to identify and implement sustainable and technology-driven solutions across the value chain that enhance the UAE’s food security and self-sufficiency at the national, community and household levels.,” Her Excellency added.

Her Excellency stressed the importance of unifying research and development efforts and supporting the integration of the sustainability concept across all food sectors, as well as working closely with local and international partners to combat climate change.
During her participation in the 46th CFS session, H.E. Almheiri met with H.E. David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), to discuss future collaborations and to reiterate that the UAE’s Office of Food Security is committed to providing all necessary support to ensure the success of the WFP’s initiatives in the UAE and the world. Much of the discussions centred on the office’s partnership with the WFP to launch its global-scale ‘#Stop the Waste’ campaign, which aims to raise global awareness of food preservation and reduce the quantities of food being thrown away.

Beasley featured the UAE’s role as a main accomplice in supporting the WFP’s activities in the Middle East and other parts of the world, underlining his desire to strengthen their fruitful partnership, which, he said, serves as a testament to the UAE leadership’s keenness to step up international efforts to eradicate hunger.

H.E. Almheiri also met H.E. Gilbert Houngbo, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), to explore avenues of collaboration on future projects. At the meeting, H.E. Almheiri saluted IFAD’s tremendous efforts to combat hunger, provide food assistance and support communities to bolster their food production capacity. For his turn, the president commended the UAE’s pivotal role in supporting IFAD’s investments and efforts across its agricultural and developmental projects in many countries. He additionally expressed his desire to grow IFAD’s joint effort with the UAE towards understanding IFAD’s objectives to create rural life around the world.

Also on the sidelines of the 46th CFS, H.E. Almheiri held converses with a group of prominent international officials and partners to look into plans to upgrade participation and launch joint projects that add to accomplishing global food security, in accordance with the UN’s endeavors to promote international cooperation.




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