• UAE National Tea Masters Cup debuts at Dubai International Coffee &Tea Festival
UAE National Tea Masters Cup debuts at Dubai International Coffee &Tea Festival

Funded by ‘The Tea Company’ and ‘Pure Leaf’ by Unilever Gulf, the interesting and extreme UAE National Tea Masters Cup is making its debut this year at the Dubai International Coffee & Tea Festival (DICTF), the Middle East's only event committed to coffee and tea. Winners of the inaugural version of the Tea Masters Cup in Dubai will represent the Middle East on the international phase at the World Tea Masters Champion 2018.

Competing tea masters will take on in the Cup's UAE National Tea Prep work Challenge and the UAE National Tea Mixology Difficulty, where they will have a possibility to demonstrate their skills and make their mark in one of the fastest-growing global industries.

Competitors at the UAE National Tea Preparation obstacle will be needed to make 2 distinct beverages, the House Tea Mixture and the Tea Masters Mixture, and present the very same to the courts within a 15-minute timespan.

Your house Tea Brew is prepared from a single tea sample picked from a collection of samples and coincides for all competitors, while the Tea Masters Brew is a tea picked by the competitor from amongst the series of collection samples offered on phase. Each competitor could select their preference of tea and the prep work process. A panel of judges will certainly review each mixture according to the 5 criteria of aroma, flavor, aftertaste, brewing and serving strategy, and discussion.

The UAE National Tea Mixology Challenge, on the various other hand, will stage competitors displaying their ability while they prepare and present multi-ingredient tea-based beverages, described as your home Tea Mix and the Tea Masters Mix. Much like Tea Preparation, participants are provided 15minutes to complete their entire efficiency.

Your home Tea Mix is prepared from a chosen tea sample and is the same for all rivals. Mixing of flavors is permitted and the tea master is complimentary to add any other beverages and ingredients permitted by the local laws in the preparation process. The last drink could be offered hot or chilly. The Tea Masters Mix is a tea selected by the competitor from amongst the series of set examples provided on stage.

A panel of judges will likewise assess each mixture inning accordance with the high qualities of the drink; preparation and discussion technique; aesthetic allure; the degree of synergy between the components of the drink; and practical potential.

Anselm Godinho, Managing Director of International Conferences and Exhibitions, DICTF's organizer, stated: "The Middle East is one of the areas worldwide with the highest tea consumption. In spite of the high intake of Tea over the world and the tremendous business potential of Tea as an item, there are just few occasions that supply an optimal platform for knowledge and know-how sharing among stakeholders. DICTF is among these events that additionally intend to highlight the considerable possibilities being used by the tea industry. With the launching of the UAE National Tea Masters Cup, we seek to bring in higher public and business passion to Tea and lead the way for more recognition of Dubai's involvement in this market.

DICTF will certainly be hosted at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibit Centre (DICEC) from December 14 to 16, 2017.

The Tea Masters Cup is a global event in 18 countries that makes use of education and competition to identify and boost top quality in tea shipment and solution. The Tea Masters Cup Community consists of pacesetters that create innovative suggestions to help in the growth of tea as an asset, a passion, a business, and an occupation.




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