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Three60 Circ e-scooters have been introduced to various Abu Dhabi communities

Three60 Circ e-scooters have been introduced to various Abu Dhabi communities

Circ's Joint Partnership with Three60 Communities and provides an environmental friendly transport alternative, in accordance with the 2030 Abu Dhabi environmental vision.

Three60 Communities, an Eltizam Asset Management Group subsidiary, has announced its partnership with micro-mobility Circ with the objective to provide scooters for residents of Reem Village, Marina Square and the City of Lights of Abu Dhabi. Three60 Communities is a leader in the field of premium residential and business management services. This unique partnership aims to support the Environment Vision 2030 of Abu Dhabi, which prioritizes mitigating the effects of climate change and providing clean air and reduce noise pollution for safe and healthy living conditions.

To ensure maximum safety and maximum driving experience for customers, Circ will hold offline training and training events at these communities. At the same time both companies will cooperate to establish operational parameters in the designated communities including GEO zones, go / no - go zones, speed limits, parking and hotspots, to make sure the scooters provide added value to the living experience of residents in a Three60 community without causing any inconvenience.

Chris Roberts, Chef, Eltizam Asset Management, said, "through its innovative solutions delivered by our trusted and talented partners, Three60 communities, one of the region's biggest and most qualified OAM and PM companies, are committed to meeting our customers ' expectations. In addition, Circ's electric scooters are the most convenient, easiest and most affordable options for transportation over short distances. They offer an attractive, convenient and environmentally friendly solution for the citizens. We are confident that they will be extremely well received by improving access to public transport and intra-campus travel services, and we look forward to having a positive impact in future months and years of our partnership with Circ in Abu Dhabi. We have no doubt that this will be an enormous success and lead to similar initiatives in other Middle Eastern cities.”

"The UAE has a unique chance to lead the world community in the development of clean, secure and better connected travel, added Jaideep Dhanoa, Co-Founder and CEO, Circ MENA. He also said, the agreement represents the first step towards maximizing the initiative's potential, and we are delighted to work with 360 Communities to achieve our ambition to facilitate all of the country's micro mobility requirements.

"We are using targeted, regionally adapted e-scooters to invest in the operational infrastructure required to deliver top service standards and optimal experiences to users," added Bader Al Kalooti, co-founder and Circ MENA COO.
Three60 communities offer extensive OAM and PM services for communities in the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman, including residential towers, commercial towers and village development. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has grown significantly and employed over 300 people in the United Africa and Oman, with numerous awards and certifications being recognized regionally and internationally.

Circ is a leading micro mobility company that aims to offer high-quality rides with personalized light electric scooters. Circ was established by a team with a shared vision of better connected, cleaner travel. The company was founded at the end of 2018 to provide e-scooters designed to be supported by hundreds of people every minute in seven countries. Circ creates a champion of responsible micro mobility, and is working to develop urban transport with municipalities and local communities, as well as other road users. In August 2019, Circ is the first eScooter operator approved by the regulator to launch in the Middle East, and is scheduled for further expansion across the Middle East and North Africa in conjunction with Abu Dhabi's UAE capital.