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Advanced Electronics Company reiterates commitment to leading Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation at GITEX 2019

Showcasing Saudi Arabia’s capabilities in the technology sector, Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), a Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) company, closed its participation at GITEX Technology Week (GITEX 2019) in Dubai, UAE, where it won a GITEX Award in the class of smart cities and declared four vital MOUs. In addition to featuring its c...

(90332) | Pub: 10/11/2019

Huawei Emphasizes 5G Ecosystem, AI and cCloud Computing as Key Pillars for Digital Economy in the Region

Huawei stresses that 5G ecosystem, AI and cloud computing are key pillars for the digital economy…

(90327) | Pub: 2019-10-11
Technology & IT

Elm reveals its newest financial technology product at GITEX 2019

Elm has revealed its imminent financial technology products when participating in GITEX 2019. The e…

(90326) | Pub: 2019-10-11
Technology & IT

GITEX 2019: FCSA and Smart Dubai Sign MoU to Open Data Exchange and Sharing over the UAE

Smart Dubai and the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) declared that they…

(90310) | Pub: 2019-10-10
Technology & IT

Smart Dubai and Software AG join hands to Continue Building the ‘Happiest City on Earth’

• A Solid Step to accelerate Smart Dubai’s aspiration to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth by…

(90307) | Pub: 2019-10-10
Technology & IT

Next-generation AI powered solutions of Huawei gets launched at GITEX Technology Week 2019

At GITEX Technology Week 2019, Huawei, a main worldwide supplier of information and communications…

(90304) | Pub: 2019-10-10
Technology & IT

ADDA is building a new strategic partnership with Orange Business Services to strengthen Abu Dhabi's digital government model

The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Orange…

(90303) | Pub: 2019-10-10
Technology & IT

Huawei launches 5G data network as next gen carrier data storage solutions in GITEX

At the end of GITEX Technology Week, Huawei, the leading global provider of Information and…

(90301) | Pub: 2019-10-10
Technology & IT

New licenses ‘Automatic Renewal’ initiative gets revealed by Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development during GITEX 2019

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) effectively launched its new ‘Automatic…

(90281) | Pub: 2019-10-09
Technology & IT

GITEX Technology Week 2019: ‘Travel’ Feature get launched on DubaiNow by Smart Dubai and Dubai Airports

Smart Dubai and Dubai Airports have launched another ‘Travel’ feature on the DubaiNow application…

(90280) | Pub: 2019-10-09
Technology & IT

Huawei Middle East Innovation Day 2019 reaffirms digital as the driving force behind today’s economy

During its fourth annual Middle East Innovation Day, Huawei, a main worldwide supplier of…

(90276) | Pub: 2019-10-09
Technology & IT

Dubai courts show two smart services at GITEX 2019

Dubai Courts showcases its latest two smart services in the current 39th edition of GITEX…

(90274) | Pub: 2019-10-09
Technology & IT

Al Falak successfully establishes Eaton 9PHD UPS in Saudi Arabia for the first time

Al Falak Electronic equipment and Distribution Company, Is a leading information technology (IT)…

(90272) | Pub: 2019-10-09
Technology & IT

Dubai Municipality has signed a strategic MOU with Hawaii at the GITEX Technology Week 2019

Dubai Municipality has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hawaii, the leading global…

(90271) | Pub: 2019-10-09
Technology & IT

27 New Services gets launched by Smart Dubai to the Dubai Now Platform to Streamline Government Transactions for Users

• The new additions incorporate services from different city sectors such as charity donations,…

(90256) | Pub: 2019-10-08
Technology & IT

Mimecast challenges GITEX viewers to accelerate and defeat human error

Mimecast has launched a new initiative to help GITEX visitors improve their employees' cyber…

(90243) | Pub: 2019-10-08
Technology & IT

Dubai Courts exemplify "smart fees for Case fee deposit and Fines" when participating in GITEX 2019

Dubai courts offer "smart fees for Case Fees Deposits and fines" when participating in the 39th…

(90242) | Pub: 2019-10-08
Technology & IT