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New Solutions And Services To Empower Developers Launched By Huawei In A Digital Economy

Huawei currently unveiled the release of new ICT technologies and enterprise-based solutions and services at its Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Cloud) – known as HDC. Cloud 2020 – an annual flagship event took place for global developers in the ICT field. The conference serves as a way to build an international platform for exchanging ideas, try...

(94092) | Pub: 04/02/2020
Dubai News

An Upgraded Version of New Mobile App with Covid-19 Risk Calculator has been launched by Wikaya

Wikaya, a digital innovative health startup based in Ramallah targeting on prevention of chronic…

(94081) | Pub: 2020-04-01
Technology & IT

Bentley Institute press

Availability of “Inside MicroStation CONNECT Edition” Book Series has been unveiled by Bentley Institute Press

Bentley Institute Press, publisher of present-day textbooks and professional reference works for…

(94080) | Pub: 2020-04-01
Technology & IT

Lime RAT Malware Delivers and Rises Again Velvet Sweatshop Microsoft Excel®Spreadsheet Encryptions

Microsoft Excel’s standard file encryption capabilities can be used to obfuscate and deliver…

(94079) | Pub: 2020-04-01
Technology & IT

ENOC Group urges clients to use ENOCPay App throughout retail provider stations

In line with the UAE government’s efforts to keep social distancing following the Covid-19 pandemic…

(94061) | Pub: 2020-03-31
Technology & IT

Industry’s First And Foremost Ultrasonic Transducer with Metal 3D-Printed Mini-Horn Array Elevates Flow Meter Performance

Emerson has launched the Daniel™ T-200, a titanium-housed transducer, for its gasoline ultrasonic…

(94060) | Pub: 2020-03-31
Technology & IT
Kool Span

While Working from Home for Government, Corporate Employees Mobile Calls, Texts, Data from Increased Threats can be Protected by KoolSpan

In response to the international COVID-19 pandemic, governments and businesses worldwide are making…

(94055) | Pub: 2020-03-31
Technology & IT

All New realme 6 and 6i Launched by realme

realme, the rapidly developing smartphone brand in the world, launches the latest in the UAE with…

(94054) | Pub: 2020-03-31
Technology & IT
Dubai News

Mobile Payment Services in the UAE Launched by Fintech Company PayBy

As the world is combating the COVID-19 pandemic, clients and businesses are more and more looking…

(94041) | Pub: 2020-03-30
Technology & IT

With BenQ’s Smart Office Solutions you can get Easier, Healthier, And More Productive Working from Home

BenQ, a global leader in display solutions and DLP projectors, assists healthy working environments…

(94037) | Pub: 2020-03-30
Technology & IT
Dubai News

The Eccentricity Of Covid-19 Scenario And Its Affect On TV Advertising And Marketing

At a time when regional audiences are staying home greater than ever earlier than to assist…

(94027) | Pub: 2020-03-29
Technology & IT
Mobile Clocking

EasyClocking Paves The Way For Lubricating Employees to Work From Home Through It’s Easy Attendance And Job Coding Mobile App

Working from home? EasyClocking has simply made it less complicated for all the corporations in the…

(94026) | Pub: 2020-03-29
Technology & IT

New Lenses and Creative Tools to Help Users Share Reliable Information about COVID-19 launched by Snapchat

To retain people informed and to create awareness as the world works to combat the COVID-19…

(94025) | Pub: 2020-03-29
Technology & IT

At the time of Pandemic What We Can Learn from Earth Hour

Global Approach to Global Problems With COVID-19 all - encompassing the world and putting much of…

(94022) | Pub: 2020-03-29
Technology & IT

Now In The UAE OPPO Launches Reno3 Series - Powerhouse Of Design And Smartphone Innovation

OPPO’s brand new Reno3 Series is now available for the UAE customers on OPPO’s Official Website and…

(94006) | Pub: 2020-03-26
Technology & IT
Dubai News

The ENTERTAINER Makes Its 25% off Delivery Offers Open to All

On March 25th, the ENTERTAINER tops its efforts by making its 25% off delivery offers open to all.…

(93984) | Pub: 2020-03-25
Technology & IT

Special CyberCast Training Event For Middle East Cyber Security Professionals To Bolster Readiness During Current Organizational Stress Announced By SANS Institute

SANS Institute, an international leader in cyber security training and certifications has unveiled…

(93982) | Pub: 2020-03-25
Technology & IT