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Technology Innovation Pioneers consolidates efforts to engage global tech SMEs via the World Green Economy Organization

Technology Innovation Pioneers consolidates efforts to engage global tech SMEs via the World Green Economy Organization

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Technology Innovation Pioneers (TIP), a leading initiative developed by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), has announced that it has joined the World Green Economy Organization as one of the founding members under its private sector platform. The move goals to give a boost to efforts to engage Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) inventors and project owners in supporting the process of the international transformation to a green economy while also addressing relevant key challenges on a global scale. This UAE platform for innovation objectives to bring entrepreneurs to the international stage and inspire them to make contributions to the move to acquire the international goals set forth in the UN Sustainable Development Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement.

TIP has discovered an ideal partner via the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) to further accelerate its mission of encouraging technology entrepreneurs across the world to improve innovative solutions that address international environmental challenges. TIP stated that their initiative shares the same ethos with the international organization in proactively engaging the public and private sectors to work collectively in offering sustainable solutions via bankable projects.

His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Chairman of WGEO, said: “The World Green Economy Organization continues to witness an increasing number of companies committed to proactively transform our approach to monetary improvement and lead us to a green economic system. TIP’s partnership with WGEO is testament to the robust want of numerous sectors and organizations looking for a essential company that will make a difference for SMEs and startups, in particular young entrepreneurs. We welcome their move to raise the level of awareness of businesses in this field by WGEO.”

HE Al Tayer added: “The WGEO is working tirelessly in the move to consolidate public-private partnerships across the world with the support of all its relevant stakeholders-- allowing both sectors to reach the key desires set in the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. We are proud of the developing confidence placed in us by private sector companies and establishments that are rapid to join our platform to benefit, share best practices and contribute successfully to the fulfillment of frequent aspirations.”

Walid Eldawy, CEO, board member in several leading corporations and Vice Chairman of WGEO Private Sector, who is on head of promoting TIP, commented: "Partnering with the WGEO is a natural and logical move for us, because we share a similar ethos, and we are usually searching to construct partnerships with public and private sector organizations. WGEO gives us the platform to reach out, share thoughts and bring our projects to a wider network. Its unique structure provides the chance to connect private and public sector partnerships that can tackle challenging environmental issues. We feel WGEO is the bridge to carry the best dynamic organizations collectively and drive us to solutions that gain the people and the planet."

He added: "It is essential for several sectors to come forward and play a part. The private sector has an integral role to do because they can focus on particular problems and come up with the solutions faster, quicker, and cost-effectively."

TIP is a leading programme which runs as an initiative that seeks to increase solutions via aiding small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to assist the environment. Using social incubators and bringing innovative minds and investment partners together, it works to drive change in key sectors such as healthcare, the environment, and particularly the energy sector.

Since inception in 2016, spearheaded by the UAE in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the WGEO has been working with businesses and other private organizations to catalyze key areas that would drive activities for the green economy such as unlocking green capital, harnessing frontier technologies, facilitating public-private partnerships, and promoting international cooperation and knowledge sharing of innovative and scalable projects.

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