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Tawam Hospital Introduces Valet Parking Service for Polyclinic Patients

Tawam Hospital in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine and part of the SEHA healthcare system, yesterday launched a free valet parking service for its patients and hospital visitors as part of its commitment to enhancing its standards of customer service. The initial phase of the new, free service will be rolled out in Tawam’s Polyclinics from March 2, with valet parking assistants working between 07:30 AM and 04:30 pm each day.

In its pilot phase for Polyclinic patients and visitors, the service will be monitored closely, with a view to full rollout across all areas of the hospital.

Eng Hamad Al Ahbabi, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Tawam Hospital says, “This new service illustrates just how patient-centric we have become across all areas of our operations. I believe it clearly demonstrates our values and principles at Tawam Hospital to put our patients first, and treat them as we would members of our own families. We are delighted to offer polyclinic patients and visitors a free valet parking service for their convenience and look forward to providing the same service to all of our patients and visitors in the future.”




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