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With Steam Technology Begin A More Hygienic Life

With Steam Technology Begin A More Hygienic Life

  • LG

As personal health and hygiene remain to be top preference for residents, homeowners are more and more looking for ways to take control of their internal environments.

Nature offers a safer way to clean and get rid of harmful germs and bacteria, without resorting to chemicals: the power of steam. Beyond being the perfect chemical-free solution for sanitizing clothes, steam is also one of the most effective solutions due to its unmatched ability to quickly penetrate fabric, without causing damage.

As an industry leader, LG Electronics (LG) is incorporating health-centric features into its home appliances, with steam technology playing an important role.

Clothing Care Solutions That Disinfect Garments and More

Since introducing the world’s first washing machines to provide the hygienic advantages of steam 15 years ago, LG has led the industry in leveraging the power of steam in laundry appliances. Recently, LG’s washers with steam technology are able to eliminate 99.9% of allergens and household dust mites, assisting to provide relief to those with certain health problems.

The company’s steam technology is also behind Allergy Care, which allows LG washers to rid clothes and bedding of germs which are known to cause skin irritation. Suitable for a wide range of items, which includes delicates; the clothing refresh cycle with steam gets clothes dry and gets rid off unwanted wrinkles in just 20 minutes. Using the combined power of high heat and steam, LG’s washers actively minimize bacteria hidden within fabrics.

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