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Small Pyramid Project SAAM Vega To Evolve Contracting LLC Awarded By Falconcity Of Wonders
SAAM Vega Pyramid, an iconic luxury-hotel, will house 442 fully furnished units.

Falconcity of Wonders LL.C., the developer of the Falconcity of Wonders multipurpose mega project being constructed in Dubai, has awarded SAAM Vega project to Evolve Contracting. The small pyramid - SAAM Vega is part of the iconic ‘Pyramids Park’ within the magnificent Falconcity of Wonders megaproject that targets at recreating the famous world wonders from across the world. Evolve Contracting, a market leader in the contracting industry, goals at being consistent with its history of creating groundbreaking facades and plans to create a true icon of wonder as it is set to add huge value to the development of Falconcity of Wonders.

Featuring nine floors, the small pyramid SAAM Vega will have modern architectural design with elegant furnishings and is hover to be the most iconic luxury-hotel destination in the world. These hotel apartments will house 442units, ranging from studios, one bedroom and two-bedroom units, under the management of a well-known hospitality brand.

SAAM Vega is one of the wonders situated within the Falconcity of Wonders master project that promises an elegant lifestyle in a community that inclusive of business centers, apartments and offices. Upon completion, the project is anticipated to become a new milestone in Dubai’s thriving hospitality landscape. With its ideal location between two main highways, easy access and exit, SAAM Vega is designed to complement modern lifestyles, and promises relaxing and rejuvenating time to the guests.

Building a monument of this size and scale proved to be a challenge to the developer’s known technology and techniques as several construction aspects had to be tweaked in order to create a building like no other. From a specially crafted inclined scaffolding to the earthquake resistance building designs, this truly is a wonder in the making. SAAM Vega is also unique and compatible with the requirements of LEED Certified building based on a sustainable model that is both resource and energy efficient.

H.E. Salem Almoosa, Chairman and General Manager, Falconcity, said: “The success of a project like SAAM Vega Pyramid requires the most advanced construction techniques. This will encompass the integration of structural, engineering and architectural aspects into a virtual prototype, which will offer us an accurate visualization of the project before the actual construction process starts. Furthermore, the use of new modular construction in the development of the project will not only minimize time but will also provide robust sustainability advantages. Evolve Contracting has proven expertise in the field, and we are assured that they are the right partners for the development of this iconic project.”

Hospitality Management opens up the chance of long-term investment, with investors can benefit from via rental of their units. Their properties are not simply actively promoted to a discerning clientele but will also be well-taken care of and will remain ‘owner ready’ whenever they wish to return to it.

SAAM Vega provides a trouble-free premium hospitality investment opportunity with exclusive benefits, a easy payment plan and assured ROI. The project also provides attractive elements such as five-stars dining avenues, a premium health club, luxury amenities, spa and sauna, yoga and meditation areas, nursery, hospital within the Falconcity residential community. Investment in “SAAM Vega” can result in “Capital investment with a guaranteed return.”




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