SLC organizes Legislative Week with 67 government entities participating at ‘Legislation Lab’
Leading efforts aimed at meeting the challenges of drafting legislation, providing a legal opinion, and conducting a legislative audit

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11 February 2019: The Legislative Week, organized by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee of the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) was launched on 10 February 2019 and will last until 14 February, with the opening of the ‘Legislation Lab’, an interactive platform which gave representatives from 67 government entities the opportunity to discuss current and emerging challenges and to explore ways to further develop government legislation, parallel to the emirate’s major efforts to maintain a pioneering, efficient and excellent government.

The ‘Legislation Lab’ commenced with a discussion on possible unprecedented initiatives and welcomed the different views and opinions expressed by the participants, including proposals that explored possible solutions to key challenges in drafting legislation, providing legal advice and opinion, and conducting a legislative audit.

His Excellency Ahmad bin Meshar, Secretary General of the SLC, said: “The ‘Legislation Lab’ is a major activity of the Legislative Week which we hope will ensure proper implementation of legislation by the government sector and the reinforcement and upholding of the rule of law in Dubai. These efforts are in line with the second of the ‘Eight Principles of Governance of Dubai’ which emphasizes that ‘No One is Above the Law’ and which is intended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to promote ‘justice as the basis of a strong and proud nation, and a guarantee for prosperity and stability’.”

Bin Meshar noted: “We are proud of the ‘Legislation Lab’ which is a tangible expression of our continued commitment to integrate and combine our efforts and those of the government sector for the achievement of the goals of the ‘Fifty-Year Charter’ that seeks to build a city where prosperity and the rule of law are championed.”

Bin Meshar added: “The ‘Legislation Lab’ brings together under one roof the top representatives of leading government entities to learn more about our work procedures at SLC, particularly in terms of drafting legislation, providing legal advice and opinion, and conducting legislative audit, which are the pillars of the legislative system that are supporting Dubai's ambitious development drive. We are placing the knowledge of our leading legal experts at the disposal of government entities hoping that they will seize this opportunity to learn more about drafting the most efficient, balanced, and progressive government legislation that will drive sustainable growth in Dubai.”

“We are pleased with the active participation in, and the positive response to, the ‘Legislation Lab’ in particular and the Legislative Week in general. This will strengthen our confidence and determination to make a success that will help us further our vision to develop forward-looking legislation that keeps pace with the current changes and trends.”

Apart from the ‘Legislation Lab’, the Legislative Week includes conducting a series of awareness programs and interactive activities at the SLC stand, which features a group of jurists who are ready to answer questions from the public and shed light on the legislation in force in Dubai.

Other key workshops to be held on the sidelines of the weeklong event include the ‘Future of Legislation” workshop, which focuses on the drafting of promising legislation geared towards future developments; and the ‘Drafting Legislation in Dubai’ workshop aimed at enhancing awareness among government sector entities regarding legislation and its relevance to the strategies and policies that meet the goals of Dubai Plan 2021 and the ‘Eight Principles of Governance of Dubai’.




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