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Seafood Souq, a new, free online marketplace for all Seafood products.

Seafood Souq, a new, free online marketplace for all Seafood products.

Seafood Souq, a brand-new, free online marketplace for companies in the UAE, is a one-stop-shop for all Fish and shellfish products. 

Dining establishments, grocery stores, sellers and processors can pick where their seafood from the internet catalog of worldwide and local sellers. 

By creating a digitized supply chain and connecting buyers directly to the source, Seafood Souq eliminates unnecessary steps in the cold chain, giving buyers the best value for money.

Transparency is an essential element to the Fish and shellfish Souq mission, especially when it concerns pricing.

Purchasers can see and contrast real market pricing of products providing the capability to pick the most effective value products for their service.

With 1 in 5 seafood items mislabeled worldwide, Seafood Souq's objective is to get rid of the worry of businesses getting below value items or Fish that can be harmful to consumer's health. 

100% traceability is an essential element of the Seafood Souq platform.

This traceability is provided to buyers through full tracking and the presence of the supply chain from how the item was generated, when, and exactly how it was gathered, packaged, and delivered.

"The core goal of Fish and shellfish Souq is to revolutionize the seafood market with modern technology to improve the value chain from Sea to B giving buyers a transparent and traceable way to source products and ultimately improve yet simplify their procurement process," commented Sean Dennis, CEO, and Co-Founder of Seafood Souq.

By providing expense performances to HORECA companies, Seafood Souq supplies the included benefit of ensuring every stakeholder is getting better-priced products and traceability documents to validate its quality.

Discover worldwide seafood producers and compare products, prices, and order in a few clicks.