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SAMENA Council’s new initiative heralds stronger cooperation between government & private sectors following the Government Summit in Dubai

The South Asia, Middle East, North Africa region’s SAMENA Telecommunication Council today unveiled its Leaders Roundtable (SALT) initiative, which aims at fostering a tight cooperation between governments and telecom operators. With the launch of this new platform following the Government Summit in Dubai, the Council aims to pave the way for an open and permanent channel of communication at the highest level that will facilitate continuous dialogue between key stakeholders in the ICT sector.

Commenting on this strategic and quintessential initiative, Bocar A. BA, CEO, SAMENA Telecommunications Council said, “SAMENA Council has always been keen on favouring constructive dialogues which encourage cooperation on industry issues between stakeholders and to exchange ideas and identify solutions with far-reaching benefits, in order to boost this sector and take it to higher levels. This new initiative will further consolidate the collaboration between regional governments and telecom operators and accelerate socio-economic growth.”

“The Leaders Roundtable represents the first proceedings in the deployment of the Digitization Program for 2020, which we have recently introduced based on our strong belief that “Digitization” is as the key enabler for socio-economic growth in the SAMENA Region,” added BA.

“Digitization involves the key processes and critical changes that are transforming the world of telecoms and ICTs – driven by a mix of consumer demand and the emergence of new and innovative value added services. There is no doubt that Digitization is emerging as a positive catalyst for rapid developments, in line with the new generation of platforms, devices and applications. All of these factors throw the spotlight on the fact that Digitization is transforming the ways in which technology influences our everyday lives,” BA further added.

The roundtable will gather Operator CEOs and Regulator Chairmen from across the region, who will discuss topics that revolve around sustainability of the operators’ business and explore means to support the development of the ICT sector, and incentives investments besides highlighting the importance of integration with other verticals and accelerating growth.




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