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Sahara Centre rewards winners of the first ‘Make Room for Elegance’ raffle draw
Sultana bin Haidar, a UAE national, wins first grand prize of a BMW8 series car; five other lucky shoppers win AED15,000 worth of Marina furniture vouchers each Campaign to continue until August 29 with one more BMW8 series car and furniture vouchers for five lucky customers to be presented

Sahara Centre, Sharjah’s leading retail, feasting, entertainment and leisure destination, has rewarded the first winners of its Ramadan/Summer campaign – Make Room for Elegance.

At a draw held on July 11, Emirati national Sultana bin Haidar was announced as the lucky winner of the first grand prize of a BMW8 series car. Five other fortunate customers won AED15,000 each of Marina home furniture vouchers. These winners are: Serel Kumar (Indian), Mohamed Alaa (Syrian), Krishna Kumar (Indian), Fatma AlRaisi (UAE) and Somia Swaidan (UAE).

The campaign, which intends to deliver outstanding value for customers, will proceed till August 29, 2019, when the second draw will be held for another BMW8 series car as grand prize and AED15,000 each of Marina home store vouchers for five lucky shoppers.

To enter the draw, visitors only have to shop for a minimum of AED200 at any outlets in the mall. Further, Matalan store is offering five digital coupons instead of one when customers spend the minimum of AED200. Women shoppers, who spend a minimum of AED200 at any outlet from 10 AM to 1 PM, and visitors who spend at least AED200 at any food outlet in the Restaurant Area on Level 2, East Atrium, stand to gain two digital coupons for the draw. The second draw will be held on August 29 at 7 PM in the presence of a representative of the Sharjah Economic Development Department.

Sahara Centre regularly conducts rewarding customer campaigns offering shoppers the opportunity to win attractive prices highlighting its commitment to ensure that every shopping trip becomes a memorable experience.




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