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To reduce CO2 emissions as tyre factories powered by 100% renewables increase to six raises bid by Bridgestone

Bridgestone, a global leading tyre producer, declared that the full operations of three of its manufacturing plants in Europe are now being powered by 100% renewable energy sources. The three plants situated include Tatabanya in Hungary, as well as in Stargard and Poznan in Poland joined the three other plants in Spain’s Bilbao, Puente San Miguel, and Burgos, which started sourcing its electricity from renewable in 2018.

The recent move is a main achievement for the company in line with its way to serve international dedication to participating in building a more sustainable society, which includes a responsibility to minimize its carbon dioxide emissions. The company has been enforcing numerous initiatives that support environmental sustainability through in-depth evaluation of its value chain that contributes to CO2 emissions – from logistics and manufacturing operations to fuel efficiency of its tyres, as well as the volume of raw materials used in its products.

Bridgestone now consumes 90% of electricity in all its European manufacturing plants using renewable energy, which extends the positive effect of its efforts to the environmental aims of car manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which includes their own value chain.




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