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To Rationalize District Cooling Energy Consumption Empower Launches Its summer Campaign

  • Empower CEO Ahmad Bin Shafar

To Rationalize District Cooling Energy Consumption Empower Launches Its summer Campaign

As part of its initiatives to elevate awareness about the significance of taking on sustainability practices as well as supply setting friendly district cooling solutions, Emirates Central Cooling Solutions Corporation (Empower) has actually released an usage justification project under the style' Set your AC at 24 ° C Auto as well as Conserve'. The project will certainly run till completion of summer and aims to motivating its customers to rationalize the area cooling intake throughout the summertime period by establishing the air- conditioner thermostat at 24 ° C, in addition to using cutting-edge as well as eco-friendly techniques that assist in lowering indoor temperature as well as month-to-month costs, and attaining significant savings in energy and also resources.

Equip explained that the campaign targets all the customer sections throughout residential and also business structures that are provided with company's area air conditioning solutions. The Company is eager to release such campaigns regularly to raise recognition as well as boost the engagement of its more than 120,000 customers, who plays an essential duty to achieve a sustainable growth.

"Rationalizing district cooling usage throughout the summer period particularly, contributes to maintaining natural resources and safeguarding the environment, and Empower is always making every effort to reduce power consumption through sustainability options that help achieving eco-friendly economy," stated Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

"Our readiness is a priority in all periods, especially in the summer, thanks to the innovative innovations of the Command Control Centre (CCC), which embrace smart control procedures, including accurate measurement of temperature in household and also business systems, maintenance of dimension devices, and also thermal sensing units check-up. This process ensures smooth circulation of grid procedure and equipments, and plant readiness to deal with emergency scenarios," he added.

The company achieved AED3.2 billion in saving of power usage thanks to the use of environment pleasant district cooling systems which aid save energy as well as sources.

Empower provides area cooling services to more than 1,180 buildings, accommodating greater than 120,000 customers, with a complete cooling capacity of 1.53 million Refrigeration Tons (RT). The Firm provides green area cooling solutions to a variety of top-level growths, such as Dubai Waterfront, Bluewaters, Dubai International Financial Centre, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Palm Jumeirah, Discovery Gardens, Ibn Battuta Mall and numerous others