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  • Qindeel signs MoU with Obeikan to strengthen cooperation in publishing and printing sector in the region
Qindeel signs MoU with Obeikan to strengthen cooperation in publishing and printing sector in the region

Within the framework of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation’s (MBRF) participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, ‘Qindeel Printing and Publishing Services’, one of the investment projects of the Foundation, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Obeikan Publishers, a subsidiary of Obeikan Investment Group. The MoU is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two sides to enhance the status of the printing and publishing sector, and translation services in the region.

The MoU was signed by H.E. Jamal Bin Huwaireb, Managing Director of MBRF, and Mohammed Alfereej, on behalf of Mohammed Al Obeikan, CEO of Obeikan Bookstore, at the Foundation stand in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014.

MBRF also launched Qindeel Printing and Publishing Services during the Frankfurt Book Fair to take advantage of the huge international presence as well as to engage with the large number of writers and thinkers at the fair. On the occasion, it discussed opportunities for cooperation and understanding with publishing houses, institutions and companies in this sector from around the world.

Commenting on the launch, H.E. Jamal Bin Huwaireb said: “Qindeel seeks to build strong relationships and activate ways of cooperation with Arab publishing houses, leading foreign translators, writers and influencers in the sector. Our aim is to raise the level of knowledge and promote Dubai's position as a leading centre for the dissemination of knowledge in the region and the world.”

He added: “The memorandum of understanding with Obeikan is aligned to our goal for Qindeel which is to expand cooperation with stakeholders in the publishing sector to strengthen the efforts that directly contribute to the transfer of knowledge, leading to the establishment of a knowledge-based modern society.”

It is expected that the alliance between two of the biggest influencers in the transfer of knowledge in the region will lead to implementation of joint projects in the fields of translation and publishing. It will pave the way for printing of hundreds of books in a number of fields, including business management, political science, economics, as well as children's books. MBRF has secured the rights to print, publish and translate more than 1,000 books to enrich Arabic libraries, while Obeikan has published more than 3,000 titles.

Obeikan Publishers was established as part of "Obeikan Education", a subsidiary of Obeikan Investment Group, based on the principles of providing the necessary tools to support education and knowledge initiatives, particularly focusing on children and young people in Saudi Arabia and the entire Arab world. Over the last few years, Obeikan has published a large number of titles in a variety of subjects, enhancing its position in specialist academic publishing as well as general publishing markets.

Qindeel is focused on strengthening the dissemination of culture and knowledge for the development of intellectual activity in Arab societies. It will publish more than 1,000 books, both print and digital, every year on a wide range of topics such as knowledge and development, and business management, as well as creativity and innovation.

Qindeel, based on Dubai, aims to provide wide-spread distribution services and provide logistical support to the print and publishing sector, meeting the needs of companies in terms of efficiency and cost. It is also keen to create strategic partnerships and build business networks to enhance its capacity to provide these services.

Qindeel Printing and Publishing is the latest initiative of the MBRF aimed at promoting a culture of reading and encouraging knowledge transfer in Arab societies to contribute to sustainable economic development and prosperity in the region.




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