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A Partnership to Yield the Best for Tomorrow - Triton Solar and Emirates Transformers & Switchgears
We are looking forward to a successful venture with Triton Solar: Chirag Patel, CEO, Emirates Transformers & Switchgears

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 04 March 2019: Expanding Triton Solar’s reach into the UAE, Triton decided to team up with a local partner in the UAE, culminating in a successful partnership with one of the most renowned companies in the region – Emirates Transformers & Switchgears. 

Triton seeks to establish its idea of sustainable energy and the innovative use of nanotechnology in the UAE with a powerful partner like Emirates Transformers & Switchgears. 

Emirates Transformers & Switchgears is a company that focuses on providing energy solutions. The company boasts an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field as a result of being in the industry for more than 50 years. 

“Emirates Transformers & Switchgears was born from the ‘Patel Trading Company’ that was established back in 1969 by my father and grandfather together.” says Chirag Patel, CEO of Emirates Transformers & Switchgears, “Eventually we began looking into entering manufacturing. Acquiring a company in the Netherlands back in 1983 paved way for this.”

Soon enough, Emirates Transformers & Switchgears was established in 1987 in Jabal Ali. During those times, it was one of the first manufacturing companies established in the area. Consequently, the company’s focus shifted almost completely from trading to manufacturing.

Triton Solar

“Later on, we set up 4 factories in the UAE. Venturing further into African markets, we built our factories in Ethiopia and Kenya as well. Today we have 7 factories worldwide, offering employment to more than 800 people. The last company we acquired was HS Switchgears, which was 2 years ago.”

“Our venturing into batteries and storage solutions will be boosted up further and made even more powerful with the tie-up with Triton Solar,” he added.

Emirates Transformers & Switchgears is keenly looking forward to going green in its methods, focusing on environment-friendly green solutions that cater to the idea of sustainable energy. 

“There is a lot of possibility for solar in the current and future markets with the overall cry for switching to eco-friendly modes of development. We are greatly looking forward to establishing the assembly line for Triton batteries and Triton’s unique technologies in the UAE. With an ever-increasing demand for the same, we are looking forward to a successful venture with Triton Solar”, Chirag concluded.  




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