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As Part of Its Global Expansion Strategy PivotRoots Sets Up Shop in UAE

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) online marketing space is set for a major disruption following the entry of India-based data-led digital marketing powerhouse, PivotRoots.

PivotRoots’ entry into the Middle East comes against the backdrop of a ballooning active social media usage, which presently stands at a staggering 9.52 million users. This, in accordance to a report by The Media Lab, represents 99% penetration.

In accordance to PivotRoots co-founder Yogesh Khanchandani, the Middle East and particularly the UAE offers a good chance for the digital marketing professionals to make contributions towards the growth of the industry.

“The Middle East as a region has been a rapid adopter of digital and we believe it will be the market of future growth not only for PivotRoots but also for the industry as a whole. Taking an example of ecommerce the market is estimated to reach $28.5 billion by 2022. We aim to work closely with ecommerce/digital first clients throughout platforms, data, measurement, consultation space on understating marketing challenges and work towards solutions which would bridge gaps between audience, automation and personalization”.
Our aim is to bring in exciting and transformative data-driven digital marketing ideas that will, in turn, create opportunities for brands in the region.” he added.
PivotRoots also believes to tap into the region’s growing social media usage, which as of 2019 stood at 8.8 million representing 92% penetration.

UAE’s high smartphone usage at 96% is a good sign that digital marketing in the region is one of the most effective mediums to reach consumers at every level. This, coupled with social media usage of three hours per day, makes the UAE market a highly competitive one even as brands try and outdo each other to reach their target audience by captivating digital marketing efforts.

Regional expansion
In accordance to Nixan Crasto, Managing Director at PivotRoots, the agency also plans to expand its footprint throughout the region using Dubai as a launchpad to the Middle East and North Africa.

“We have received a strong and positive response from both the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) following our strategic entry into the UAE. KSA is an essential market for us majorly due to its unique digital trends, which suit ideally within our mission to impact businesses by digital marketing campaigns that communicate straight away to the consumer,” added Nixan.

To fuel its regional growth, PivotRoots has also unveiled PivotConsult, a data consultancy division to set up the digital media tech stack which will assist its customer create and execute consumer-driven digital marketing campaigns.




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