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Our Commitment to Hygiene is not just Paper-Thin, Shows Fine

Good hygiene is an essential element for a long healthy life, and we should be vigilant at all times and in all settings to guarantee we are taking great consideration of ourselves and our families. Fine Hygienic Holding, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products, is stepping forward as a trusted ally in the battle for good hygiene, and is launching an intense new campaign to spread awareness about clean, healthy living.

Featuring its recent awards and endorsements from conspicuous global hygiene organizations, Fine is embraced a strong transformation that begins with a major packaging redesign that focuses on the best qualities and hygienic benefits that come with Fine toilet products, thereby reinforcing Fine’s leading position in the MENA markets and beyond.

Fine’s unwavering commitment to hygiene led to its recent endorsement by the prestigious Family Hygiene Institute as the only clean and hygienic tissues in the world. This endorsement is gladly highlighted on the redesigned packaging, alongside the trademark of its patented SteriPro technology, signaling to the entire world that Fine always puts hygiene first. Toilet paper is used on some of our most sensitive areas, so it is essential to be certain your product of choice is 100% hygienic.

“When you think about it, the clue was in our name all along. We are pulling out all the stops with this new campaign to put hygiene first, and we will persevere relentlessly to spread this message and improve hygiene standards for families everywhere,” said James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine. “We will wear our endorsements from such esteemed organizations as the FHI and the Medical Wellness Association like badges of honor, and with their support and recognition we will change people’s perception of hygiene and make life happier and healthier for our consumers and their families.”

“This new campaign gives us a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our prominent market position, and to build on the trust that we have earned from consumers through years of excellence,” included Andrea Janjua, Chief Tissue Category at Fine. “The redesign of the packaging allowed us to focus on the best features of our toilet products, showcasing the attention to detail and commitment to innovation that keeps Fine ahead of its competition.”




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