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In The Middle East In PR Week Global Awards 2020 ASDA’A BCW’s Sunil John Named Best PR Professional

Sunil John, founder of regional public relations agency ASDA'A BCW and also President of BCW Middle East, has been named 'Best Public Relations Professional in the Middle East' in the PRWeek International Awards 2020. This latest individual honor for John from the global Public Relations sector accompanies the 20th anniversary year of ASDA'A, th...

(94994) | Pub: 05/27/2020

ADN architecture

To Accelerate Intelligent Network Upgrades Huawei Releases ADN Solution White Paper And Joins Hands With The Industry

Huawei lately released the Autonomous Driving Network Solution White Paper at Huawei Global Expert…

(94964) | Pub: 2020-05-23
Fuel To Support The Nationwide Disinfection Drive

From ENOC Link More Than 30,000 Litres Of Fuel To Support The Nationwide Disinfection Drive

ENOC Link, ENOC's digital fuel shipment arm, sustained Dubai Municipality's nation-wide sanitation…

(94953) | Pub: 2020-05-22
 Dubai Taxi Excellence

Under Dubai Taxi Excellence Awards RTA Honours 1000 Drivers

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has honoured 1000 taxi drivers compared to 100 at its…

(94942) | Pub: 2020-05-21
Graduate training programme

Completion Of Graduate Training Programme Marked By Abu Dhabi Power Corporation

Abu Dhabi Power Corporation (ADPower) hosted, today, an match to understand the first cohort of…

(94941) | Pub: 2020-05-21

UNDP And AGFUND Triage Unit Serves Refugees And Host Communities In The North Of Jordan: Fighting COVID-19

Jordan Today The United Nations Development Programme in Jordan has set up a triage unit at King…

(94937) | Pub: 2020-05-21
Digital Knowledge Hub

A Knowledge Foundation Of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Supports People Of Determination With A Dedicated Library At The Digital Knowledge Hub

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has introduced plans to launch an…

(94934) | Pub: 2020-05-21
Infrastructure industry

To Digital Twin Consortium Bentley Systems Adds Infrastructure Industry Experience

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a main world company of complete software and digital twin cloud…

(94927) | Pub: 2020-05-21
Installation of solar light

To Benefit The Daily Lives Of More Than 3,000 People ‘20by2020’ Deploys Sustainable Lighting Solutions In Jordan

As phase of the UAE humanitarian initiative, ‘20by2020’, the Zayed Sustainability Prize has…

(94924) | Pub: 2020-05-21

For Eid Trade-In Super Sale Brings You By Renault Of Arabian Automobiles

Arabian Automobiles, the flagship agency of the AW Rostamani Group and the extraordinary provider…

(94923) | Pub: 2020-05-21
Internet Policy And Network Coordination

For The Middle East And Europe 2,000 People Gather Online To Discuss Internet Policy And Network Coordination

RIPE is a massive and numerous community of network operators and others working on Internet…

(94906) | Pub: 2020-05-20
Webinar related to covid-19

Webinar On Family, Home, And Food Safety In Addressing COVID-19 Was Successfully Organized By Falconcity Of Wonders

Falconcity of Wonders LL.C., the developer of the Falconcity of Wonders multipurpose mega challenge…

(94903) | Pub: 2020-05-20

To Support The Nationwide Disinfection Drive More Than 30,000 Litres Of Fuel From ENOC Link

ENOC Link, ENOC’s digital fuel delivery arm, supported Dubai Municipality’s nation-wide…

(94901) | Pub: 2020-05-20
Dubai news

New Products to Combat Negative Oil Prices introduced by Axiory Global

Leading Global Forex Brokerage firm, Axiory Global Ltd is all set to enter a new technology in oil…

(94887) | Pub: 2020-05-19

Reflecting on an unusual Ramadan

Our ongoing research, powered by way of Choueiri Group’s Data Team now examines how the Covid-19…

(94885) | Pub: 2020-05-19
Dubai news

To Implement Beyontec Suite To Manage Its Business Operations Clements Worldwide

Beyontec, which specializes in a large portfolio of science options for the world insurance…

(94884) | Pub: 2020-05-19