Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Satyarthi, Discusses Future of Youth with GEMS International School Students

The students at GEMS International School, Al Khail observed a powerful speech by Kailash Satyarthi - the recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Reward together with Malala Yousafzai.

Satyarthi recently released a campaign called ‘100 million for 100 million’ - an effort that promotes and relies on the power of young people, within schools and universities throughout the world.

Shining a limelight on the importance of young people, Satyarthi stated: "The power and effect that children could jointly produce is amazing. As the future leaders of tomorrow, you can make certain that every kid has equal accessibility to education and flexibility. Through this project, individuals can develop a strong value to driving global citizenship and help deal with some of one of the most important issues around the globe."

Satyarthi likewise spoke at length on issues in nations like Africa and components of Asia and shared his experiences with children who have actually been subjected to child work. He worried on exactly how fortunate individuals remain in the Middle East to have access to high quality education and sources and must place that to utilize to cause substantial adjustment.

Dr. David Ottaviano, Principal, GEMS International School, Al Khail, said: "Schools are now actively trying to include global citizenship within their practices. It gives educators and other people that deal with children, the calling to attach the world and the world's problems to our students and Kailash Satyarthi was significant at doing that. He put all the ideas down in a simplistic means for our students to understand."

Among other topics, the key conversations were surrounding global citizenship as one of the greatest phenomena that's being included by teachers in schools and colleges today and exactly how education will help students take duty for the world they are inheriting.




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