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Newly formed Emirati based Food company ‘Hayatna’ eyes Gulf Foods 2014 as a platform to launch its brands

Newly formed Emirati based Food company ‘Hayatna’ eyes Gulf Foods 2014 as a platform to launch its brands

Hayatna is an Emirati Food company that came to life in 2012 as a result of a joint venture between Exeed Industries; the industrial arm of National Holding, Abu Dhabi, and Vivartia, a food conglomerate in Greece.

Hayatna’s principal vision is to become one of the UAE’s most advanced food companies, with a portfolio of brands that cover multiple segments and cater to consumers’ everyday food needs. One of itskey goals is to make the customer’s dairy needs ‘extraordinary’.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Kamel Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Exeed Industries said, “There is synergy between Greece and UAE in certain foods and dairy products. Gulf Foods exhibition has proven to be very successful to introduce our brands to the UAE. We believe our brands will stand out in a highly competitive prepared foods and dairy market.”

Hayatna’s journey has already been marked by the launch of their first three brands, Kuzina, Alethia and Delta with more to come in the near future.
Kuzina primarily offers a range of ready to eat Mediterranean meals which are authentic, delicious and easy to prepare. The meals featured are oven ready baked products and ready to eat dishes as well as mixed vegetable casserole. Thanks to mild weather and fertile soil, the ingredients are guaranteed to be nutritious, delicious and authentic, true to the Mediterranean culture. The meals are also prepared in the most technologically advanced flash (instant) freezing techniques immediately after preparation, that preserves the ingredients’ nutritional and final recipe characteristics, as if just cooked.In addition to ready and veggie meals, Kuzina offersdough products such as pastries, cookies, pies, spinach rollini which is guaranteed to leave the customer satisfied.

Another launched brand by Hayatna, Alethia, provides a wide range of authentic and great tasting Greek cheeses which are made with the perfect blend of different carefully selected types of fresh milk. Their traditional hand crafted processes allows aromas to mature and develop cheeses with great consistency, resulting in a rich sensation, unique to other mass commercially produced cheeses. Some of the cheeses on offer are the Greek Feta, which is great for salads, the Greek Kasseri which can be found in sandwiches and white cheese, which can also make a tasty side dish.
The third brand launched by Hayatna, Delta, is the number one dairy provider in Greece and mainlyfeatures genuine Greek yogurt. The yogurt has a delicious, thick, creamy texture to it with anindulging taste. The yogurt is available in plain and the flavours currently on offer are strawberry as well as a split cup with honey.It gets its thickness from staining out excess water without adding in thickening agents. This way, Delta is able to ensure that 30% of an adult’s daily needs of protein can be found in just one cup.

Hayatna’s aims are to create and grow locally relevant brands with international stature that are authentic, nutritious, tasty and convenient. It plans to achieve this by using the freshest ingredients and most technologically advanced processes. It is expected to launch very soon to customers all over the UAE through hypermarkets and Co-ops.