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Nestlé Nido ‘I Love Mama’ Campaign Breaks Guinness World Records Title For Largest Greeting Card
Over 6,000 moms and children celebrated mothers’ Day with Nestlé NIDO & witnessed the reveal of the Largest greeting card at Dubai Mall Ice Rink

This Mother’s Day marked a momentous occasion for the city of Dubai and children across the Middle East, as Nestlé NIDO® broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title for the world’s Largest greeting card.

The record-breaking card was unveiled at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink on March 21st, where GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS judges confirmed the card had achieved a new world record for the Largest Greeting Card. The Nestlé NIDO ‘I Love Mama’ card measured 10.19 metres by 7.09 metres when closed, and 10.19 meters by 14.18 meters when open.

“Today’s new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement is a unique way of recording all of the love expressions of the children who participated in our ‘I Love Mama’ campaign and celebrating every mother’s passion and dedication this Mother’s Day,” said Nehmatallah Younes, Nestlé NIDO Brand Manager.

Families enjoyed a day full of fun and interactive activities capturing emotional love moments between moms and their children such as drawing, singing, flash mob appearance and many more.

The initiative was part of Nestlé NIDO’s ‘I Love Mama’ painting competition, which involved more than 35,000 children from 70 schools across the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan. Children were asked to express their love for their mothers by submitting drawings to include in the card. One student from every school was also awarded a golden heart pendant as a gift to their mother.

The Nestlé NIDO mother’s day greeting card came in at a whopping 10.19 metres by 7.09 metres when closed, and 10.19 meters by 14.18 meters when open.
, using over 8,000 drawings.

The previous record was set by the University College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, who created a free-standing Christmas card measuring 9 metres x 6 metres (29.5 ft x 19.7 ft) when closed and 9 metres x 12 metres (29.52 ft x 39.37 ft) when opened.




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