Most of the UAE residents said that the usage of grocery apps will Increase during Ramadan
The usage of grocery apps in UAE is likely to increase more amongst the fasters than non-fasters.

During Ramadan, most of the UAE residents say that their usage of grocery apps will increase especially for fasters. According to the latest research and analysis, 58% think their usage of grocery apps is likely to increase during Ramadan.

The research also reveals of how the holy month of Ramadan can affect the usage of various entertainment and lifestyle applications used by UAE residents. Around 29% residents think that the usage of grocery apps during Ramadan will be unchanged and 13% of residents think that the online grocery shopping will go down.

About 51% of residents state that their consumption of food delivery apps such as Talabat and Zomato will hike up and around 49% of residents think that their usage of online shopping apps such as Souq and Noon will significantly rise during this festive period.

Most of the residents also believe that the usage of social media apps will spike up by 45%, health and fitness by 46% and video-on-demand apps by 43% during this holy month of Ramadan.

The gaming app behavior among the residents will change during the month, 33% think it will decrease and 32% said it will increase while 35% stated it will remain unchanged. Around 66% are currently fasting with observance levels higher among men than women (72% vs 55%). According to the data, 47% among non-fasters and 33% among fasters use travel apps and hotel booking apps (44% vs 32%).

According to the data, when viewed across genders, men are more active on health apps (48% men vs 42% women) and gaming apps (35% men vs 28% women) during Ramadan.




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