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Mobile Car Wash in Abu Dhabi - Sure, Why Not?

Mobile Car Wash in Abu Dhabi - Sure, Why Not?

  • Mobile Car Wash in Abu Dhabi - Sure, Why Not?

Mobile Car Wash in Abu Dhabi - Sure, Why Not?
By Lance Winslow

The United Arab Emirates UAE seems to have financially made considerable headway over the last 5 years, and with their middle class expansion and the oil riches it makes sense to establish local service companies there. Not long ago, I was have this discussion with a colleague over coffee and WiFi Internet satellite system. You see, my acquaintance utilized to stay in Manchester England and enjoyed the mobile car cleaning industry broaden there, and wants to take this service type business to Abu Dhabi.

Indeed, it has been incredible the growth in mobile "valet" throughout England, in fact all the UK. Naturally there suffices water in England whereas, water is a crucial commodity in that location of the Middle East. So, he asks; "in regards to water system, this is a subject of problem for a nation with minimal supply of fresh water seeing that it is a desert nevertheless. There has actually been a lot of talk lately about the high usage of water at car cleans lately."

When it pertains to mobile car cleaning it seems to be the same tale all over on the planet. Even in the US we have just what we call "Level II" Dry spell, as it is Level I, II, and afterwards III. When in level II they commonly close down personal car cleaning and car cleans or restrict them if they do not recycle their water. In Kuwait it was obligatory to reuse and re-use all of it, or as much as possible which did not vaporize. Our units could was a car with 2.2 to 4.5 gallons of water each car (2.2 L per gallon).

My colleague informs me that water is such a priceless product in Dubai, UAE that they are "currently in the process of prohibiting using water, where they will be using a brand-new modern technology to tidy autos without water. This is where I have actually additionally investigated, and located a few companies which provide these products, and agreed to talk about exactly how one would have the ability to use this type of technology" for a mobile car wash throughout the region and all of the UAE.

One potential means to make this happen would be to attempt a non-water clean. You see, there are numerous companies that provide "completely dry wash" type of cleansing, and some in Asia that make steam washing machines, utilizing just a few cups of water each car, cleansing with high pressured vapor, but that dulls the paint with time, and it still makes use of water. Several dry clean products use some water in the service, however not much. Well, appears like Abu Dhabi is vast open for a smart and clever mobile car washing operator, please take into consideration all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the [http://www.worldthinktank.net] Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow thinks it's hard to write 20,000 posts; http://www.bloggingcontent.net/

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