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Meet the La Planeta Winemaker in December at Certo Italian Restaurant

Meet the La Planeta Winemaker in December at Certo Italian Restaurant

The popular Certo Italian restaurant is giving you the opportunity to meet the Winemaker and Resident Chef of the Sicilian La Planeta winery for a special wine dinner event on the 01st and 02nd of December 2013, offering a carefully created five course dinner set menu to indulge in.
La Planeta is not just one winery, but many. The exhilarating journey begins at Sambuc di Sicilia, on an estate the Planeta family has owned since the 1600s. Here, three enthusiastic young Sicilians – Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta – began their winemaking venture in the mid-1980s. The trio spent subsequent years matching the extraordinarily diverse Sicilian soils with both indigenous and international grape varieties.

Certo Italian restaurant will be hosting a unique dinner promotion on Sunday and Monday, 1st and 2nd of December, focusing on the famous Sicilian La Planeta winery by presenting you the LA PLANETA winemaker Ms. Francesca Planeta along with Angelo Pumilia, the Resident Chef at the “De La Foresteria" Planeta Estate.

You can indulge in a carefully created 5 course Sicily themed set menu that is paired with a special selection of imported LA PLANETA wines.
The La Foresteria resort is the most authentic expression of the Planeta family hospitality, an ambassador for Sicily and Sicilian wines and olive oils throughout the world. At La Foresteria you can find a family atmosphere, typical of an elegant and aristocratic country house, surrounded by vineyards and aromatic herbs, with an open kitchen redolent of all the scents of the Mediterranean and traditional Sicilian cooking

Here’s a sneak peek into the menu:
• Roasted langoustine with almond and mint mayonnaise
• Nero d’Avola flavored veal tenderloin with mashed potatoes and wine sauce
• Ricotta cannolo with figs and pistachios ice cream

This promotion is available during dinner only between on the 01st and 02nd of
December 2013.

Like the great Italian family kitchen, this vibrant, bustling designed restaurant reflects the mood of the moment. From open and relaxed at lunch to vibrant and intimate at dinner, the award winning Certo Restaurant offers authentic, modern cooking inspired by classic Italian cuisine. Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, at Certo cooking is a passion for robust and hearty flavour.
Certo - the best of the best: simply and authentically prepared.
For more information and reservation, please contact us at: 04 366 9111
or email: certo.mediacity.dubai@radissonblu.com

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