• Mediterranean Mornings at Demoiselle by Galvin
Mediterranean Mornings at Demoiselle by Galvin

Demoiselle by Galvin, the fashionable and comfortable Diner by the internationally-acclaimed Galvin Brothers, releases their vital double Prix Deal with menus, delivering a choice of both, rich and calming OR nourishing and wholesome breakfast options, making Demoiselle by Galvin the suitable morning meal spot to begin any kind of early morning properly.

Tucked away in the heart of City Walk, Demoiselle by Galvin welcomes visitors this season to its modest abode to delight in the art of the optimal Parisian breakfast. The Prix Take care of menu presents its first course with a selection of freshly baked flaky croissants. A healthy option is provided with the Soy milk soaked muesli, toasted seeds and coconut water jelly. One could also go with a health-centric salad from the detox menu and appreciate the Natural yogurt with extra virgin olive oil, zaatar, Cucumber, datterino tomatoes & flat bread.

Main courses take the centre-stage with the scrumptious choices of Oeuf Royale, Oeuf Bénédicte or Oeuf Florentine. For the health fans, mains from the detox menu asks for, Egg white omelette with fit to be tied asparagus, mushrooms & spinach, a delicacy that must not be missed.

To complete the well balanced breakfast; Demoiselle brings the sweet-treats out, supplying a choice of a fresh fruit platter or pleasantly soft pain perdu to consume in or take-away. Visitors could take-their-pick and appreciate together with Demoiselle's specially curated tea and coffee offerings in the inviting and cosy location.

Demoiselle by Galvin’s Breakfast Set-menu is priced at 112 AED per Person while the
detox menu is priced at 96 AED per Person




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