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Manufacturing And Industrial Facilities To Sell Or Trade Its Recycled Production Waste Materials Enabled By ADDED
Resolution falls in line with mandate allowing the trade of secondary industrial products among industrial facilities in Abu Dhabi. Move designed to help enhance integration of industrial facilities, reduce operational costs, and protect the environment

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), by its Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), has currently issued a resolution that authorizes licensed producing and industrial facilities in the emirate to trade their secondary industrial products, such as reintroducing them into their production lines or selling them as raw materials to other facilities in Abu Dhabi.

H.E. Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director, IDB, stated that the new resolution seeks to promote the recycling and re-using of secondary industrial products within industrial operations by recovering waste generated from factories’ production lines. The recent development will not only minimize the facilities’ costs but will also assist to reduce industrial waste. He also mentioned that selling non-usable secondary products as raw materials to other facilities in the emirate represents another form of increasing profitability prospects.

H.E. Al Mansouri explained that the step will enlarge the industrial activities in Abu Dhabi, increase raw material supply within the manufacturing sector and minimize industrial waste. To date, around 500 industrial facilities, which produce re-usable materials with economic value which includes metal, aluminum, plastics, chemicals, and papers, are predicted to gain from this resolution.

H.E. mentioned that this resolution will perform a major role in developing the strategic directives towards transforming to a circular economy and was assured that Abu Dhabi would achieve enhanced integration and cooperation between industrial facilities following the new regulation, which fall in line with IDB’s aim to safeguard the environment and reduce the volume of industrial waste being disposed in landfills or sent to designated recycling stations.

“IDB will systematically enforce this new resolution, which is targeted to promote clean industrial production, recycling of materials and minimized industrial waste as well as to give a boost on cooperation between industrial facilities in the emirate,” Al Mansouri stated.

He also shared that many industrial facilities, especisally those that re-use materials like iron waste, have submitted requests to ADDED to add the recycling activity to their industrial activities, which is broadly being considered as an essential element in the development of industrial production.

Several industrial facilities’ representatives in Abu Dhabi have expressed their agreement that the new resolution similarly consolidates the function of industrial facilities in developing environmental standards and making optimal use of the produced waste. It also constitutes an additional financial resource for the facilities that have the ability to carry out recycling operations and transform their waste internally into industrial products.




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