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Landscaping designs from Dubai International Garden Competition could boost property values by 28%

Landscaping designs from Dubai International Garden Competition could boost property values by 28%

In a sign of the overwhelming level of interest in the first annual Dubai International Garden Competition (DIGC), a higher-than-expected number of garden designs has been received before the submission deadline of February 16th. The competition is held under the patronage of Dubai Municipality, with strategic sponsorship from Dubai Tourism & Commerce, Dubai Calendar and support from the venue sponsorship partner Emaar Properties. The first edition of the region’s most anticipated garden showcase will take place from April 3rd to 6th at ‘The Venue, Downtown Dubai’ at the foot of Burj Khalifa -- the world’s tallest building, developed by Emaar Properties.

Dubai’s rising property prices are riding a wave of optimism in anticipation of World Expo 2020 bid, but property owners could boost their investments even further through landscaping improvements. According to a study by landscape economist John Harris, exceptional landscaping can increase a property’s value by a remarkable 28%. Even a simple upgrade from a ‘good’ to an ‘excellent’ garden can help a property’s value to appreciate by 7% and reduce the selling time by 15%, according to research by Clemson University in the US.

This lucrative opportunity has put Dubai’s property owners and real estate players on high alert, as they eagerly wait to discover awe-inspiring design concepts in the first-ever DIGC. The garden extravaganza is the brainchild of Purelife Events, Conferences & Exhibitions, which has pioneered a revolutionary concept to totally revamp the world’s perception of Dubai from a dry, arid desert hub, to a green haven blooming with creativity and innovation.

Nasser Khan, CEO of the competition organizers Purelife, gave a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the preparations so far: “We have brought three judges all the way from the UK, who are celebrities within the landscaping world. We’re helping Dubai learn from the best, to become the best. We have masterminded this competition because gardens are so much more than just flowers and grass; they encourage Dubai’s population to spend more time outdoors, which greatly enhances family bonding, fitness and emotional serenity.”

Nadeem Abass of Purelife added: “We are thrilled to be ‘painting the city green’, and unleashing a shower of ‘flower power’ through these masterpieces. Dubai relentlessly pursues perfection and it’s now part of the city’s DNA to accept nothing but the very best. Hence Purelife has attracted the “best of the best” from pretty much every continent except Antarctica, and the entries have surpassed our wildest expectations.”

Worldwide, garden competitions have proved enormously successful in helping host cities to blossom – a perfect example being Liverpool, which was in rapid decline in the mid-1980s and had become a concrete jungle of abandoned industries. It then held a garden festival that attracted over 3 million visitors -- putting the dying city on ‘life support’, and it was eventually selected as the European Capital of Culture.

In the same way Dubai is the Middle East’s nerve center of architecture, art, lifestyle trends, real estate and scientific innovation – hence Purelife selected it as the inaugural host of this first-of-a-kind event.

Among the globally popular landscaping trends that will possibly be showcased is recycled garden art and low maintenance gardens that use minimal water.

DEWA, AlBaddad International (<albaddadintl.com>) and Danube Buildmart are lending their support as partners of this event. Interested landscaping organizations, businesses, community groups, architects and other participants can register or find more information on www.digc.ae

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