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Lacnor addresses sugar consumption issue with no added sugar 100% juice range

Lacnor, a main brand of National Food Products Company (NFPC), headquartered in Dubai, is creating their Healthy Living Range which is 100% JUICE with NO ADDED SUGAR. The range plans to supplement the country's drive to improve the wellbeing and health among shoppers who are mindful of their sugar consumption. Early this month, The UAE government has presented an assessment on refreshment items containing included sugar, in a transition to boost less utilization.

The Lacnor Healthy Living extent involves eight organic product juice flavors, accessible in either a one liter or 250 ml pack. It very well may be found at both the chilled path and basic food item segments of most significant grocery store outlets including Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarkets and Co-operative. It is additionally accessible for buy as a component of the Oasis Water Home and Office delivery service (Oasis being another driving result of NFPC).

The Healthy Living extent contains Orange, Tomato, Mango, Pomegranate, Grapefruit just as a Cranberry, Ginger mix and Super Fruit Cocktail. NFPC has set out on a prominent advanced promoting effort featuring the positive wellbeing parts of expending the Healthy Living reach.

Suleman Wasim, Group Marketing Director of NFPC remarks: "At NFPC, we perceive the rising concerns identified with wellbeing and health, that are caused because of the high admission of sugar or sugary items. It is our responsibility to furnish buyers with items that address their needs to lead a more beneficial way of life. With the Lacnor Healthy Living extent, we have made both mixed and single unadulterated juices that has no additional sugar, only the common fructose sugar of the organic product itself. These nutritious beverages, pressed brimming with nutrients, are a perfect backup to food, or can be devoured alone as a solid treat."

For more data about the Lacnor Healthy Living extent, visit our site, www.lacnor.com or tail us on Facebook and Instagram to stay refreshed.




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