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Kingston Technology proves itself as a Top Spot DRAM Module Supplier

Kingston Technology proves itself as a Top Spot DRAM Module Supplier

• Kingston place itself as number 1 in the ranking schedule of DRAMeXchange (TrendForce) for 2018 • Recognized World Leader for 16-Consecutive Years

Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP has today announced that it is ranked the world leader in memory products and technology solutions, according to recent rankings from DRAMeXchange, a TrendForce division. According to TrendForce, Kingston maintains its place as number 1 with its estimated market share of 72.17%. Their results further strengthen Kingston's place on the market as the leading third party provider of DRAM modules. The 2018 rankings marked TrendForce's sixteenth consecutive year at the top spot.

TrendForce says spot prices remained high in 1H18 and even exceeded contract prices by more than 20%. The Report shows that the producers of module have been able to produce plenty of income and profit despite increased inventory rates and price declines in 2H18. The increasing popularity of internet media streaming, new technologies of the IoT industry, and the transition into data center and cloud computing services are some of the high-flying trends and development drivers on the market.

"Still following a course of development in all its company sections, Kingston finds the projections of TrendForce overly generous," said Iwona Zalewska, DRAM Business Manager at Kingston EMEA. "Over 14 trillion MB of storage were generated in all product lines in 2018, including DRAM, SSDs and integrated solutions. This enormous quantity, tremendous fortune, and TrendForce results strengthen the power, position and significance of our company throughout the sector.